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Infrared quartz roasting
> Infrared quartz roasting

What’s infrared quartz cooking ? A heating element inside a siliquartz tube to cook like with charcoal (up to 1 050°C) : no preheating (250°C in 5 min., saving energy and time), no smoke or smell. Infrared are preserving the water contained in food and are avoiding fat oxidation. As

Turbo Quartz®  cooking
> Turbo Quartz® cooking

Turbo Quartz® is a new technology developed by Roller Grill associating infrared quartz to convection. What’s convection ? It is when the air is heated and continuously circulated throughout the oven chamber by a quite fan. The air moves across and around the food in an even low that pr

Snack browning
> Snack browning

For small snacks at every time : toasts at breakfast, croque-monsieur, pizzas for lunch in a hurry, crème brûlée for gourmets, soup, stuffed tomatoes… there’s nothing better than cooking with infrared quartz in a small snacking oven with quick use and for place sa

Plancha grilling
> Plancha grilling

What’s plancha ? This spanish word means both the griddle plate and the way of cooking. This cooking method consists in grilling food quickly with very little fat on the cast-iron, steel or chromium plate which is very appreciated by cook chefs. This technology very used in restaurants in S

Barbecue Grilling
> Barbecue Grilling

Around your swimming pool, in the middle of your garden, enjoy the pleasure of barbecuing without any inconvenience: no more charcoal or embers to keep alight. Join the easy and safe use of electricity to the cooking quality of lava rocks. A modern and easy-to-live technology used in hotels to

Cold zone frying
> Cold zone frying

Have you ever seen a fryer for restaurant fitted with a lid and a filter ? No. To avoid bad smell professionals are simply using an exhaust. Indeed any lid with a filter will create condensation with immediate fall down of steam into the oil.

Accessories and options
> Accessories and options

Discover our wide range of accessories and many options to complete your Roller Grill product acoording to your choice!

Exclusive Gourmet Line
> Exclusive Gourmet Line

Roller Grill makes you benefit from the performance and the robustness of its professional range through 3 appliances - contact-grill, waffle-iron and crepe-machine - reknown and appreciated by the most well-known in catering. The profesional technology developed by Roller Grill is thus applied f