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Multifunctions ovens

Multifunction oven 34 L
> FC 340 TQ
The multifunction oven FC 340 TQ ( 34L ) is meant for cooking or reheating viennoiseries (croissants, chocolate buns, brioches…),pastries (tarts, cookies...), ready made dishes (lasagne,...
Multifonction oven 38 L
> FC 380 TQ
This electric oven FC 380 TQ® (patented) is a real multifunction oven with a capacity of 38L: ventilated heat, convection, ventilated pastry oven, Turbo Quartz®‚ salamander et ventilated...
Multifunction oven 60 L
> FC 60 TQ
Unique in catering, the multifunction oven FC 60 TQ GN 2/3 (container to put on the grid) associates convection, Turbo Quartz , top quartz grill salamander, ventilated bakery oven and...