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Professional products

> Toasters

Basic equipment for cafes, pubs and snack bars, the infrared quartz toaster cooks or reheats all kinds of cheese sandwiches, croque-monsieur, pizzas, quiches, cheese/meat puffs, croissants. It even browns onion soups, toasts baguettes and bread.

> Displays

Specially designed for snack bars, pubs, bakeries, tea these fully panoramic displays showcase quiche, pizza, croissants, buns, savouries, cheese puffs… beautifully and keep them at a constant temperature.

Griddle plates
> Griddle plates

Cooking plate for meat, bacon, fish, hamburgers, sausages, onions, etc., and also for fried eggs and omelettes, etc. Steel or chrome griddle plates are available in gas as well as electric models, in 3 dimensions.

Contact Grills
> Contact Grills

To cook steaks or hamburgers thoroughly, without reduction, retaining all the juice and vitamins, or to grill fish in the healthiest possible way, nothing beats Roller Grill contact grills.

Crepe machines
> Crepe machines

Crepe machines with enamelled cast iron plate for delicious, moist, golden pancakes, buckwheat cakes, Indian tampura, Indonesian chapati, blini, and more. Also popular in asian cuisine to prepare Peking duck.

> Ovens

Thanks to the rapidity and the power of the convection, the Roller Grill multifunction ovens increase cooking possibilities of every kind of meals: gratins, meat, fish, pies, cakes, soufflés…).

Lava rock grills & Warming Lamp
> Lava rock grills & Warming Lamp

Use the Roller Grill electric lava rock grill for natural, healthy, tasty and easy-to-digest grills!

Hot-dog machines
> Hot-dog machines

Never out of fashion, hot dogs are still the most popular snack over the world!

> Bain-maries

When cooking with a bain-marie, food does not come into contact with the heat source (heating element underneath the container) but is cooked or kept warm thanks to the water maintained at 90°C.

> Fryers

These professional cold-zone fryers are particularly suitable for fast food restaurants. All our fryers are available with higher power heating elements to ensure better performance when frying frozen food.

> Salamanders

With a heat source on the upper part, the salamander can be used to defrost, brown, glaze, brown, grill toasts, gratins, pizzas, onion soup, etc. without pre-heating. Completely open on 3 sides to accept dishes of any size.

> Smokers

Why cold smoking ? The Grand Chefs recommend 3 phases in smoking process : salting, drying and smoking. The last stage is carried out at low temperature to eliminate excess water, without drying out the product or turning it crispy. Smoke is produced by the slow burning of oak sawdust or beech

Gyros grills
> Gyros grills

A shoarma or kebab is a hot sandwich coming from Mediterranean countries. Using lamb, veal, chicken or turkey, it is served in pita bread with fresh vegetables, sald or French fries. To cook the meat evenly, the Roller Grill kebab machine are fitted with adjustable pilaster and heat source to ada

> Rotisserie

Spit rotisseries to roast 2 to 30 chickens. The spits can be adjusted to the heat source, depending on the portions of meat cooked.

Hot cupboards & Dishwarmers
> Hot cupboards & Dishwarmers

Dish warmers & hot cupboards to keep warm empty or garnished plates.

Cooling displays
> Cooling displays

Improve the presentation of your culinary creations like cakes, pies, cocktails, beverage... with Roller Grill displays and appetize your guests ! And discover our wide range of salad'bars for self service and for a perfect presentation at the right temperature of your cold or hot starters,

Drinking fountains and coolers
> Drinking fountains and coolers

An unlimited supply of cold, fresh and pure water ... for offices, workshops, canteens, hospitals, schools, stadiums, leisure parks and other public places! Directly connected to the main water supply, these drinking fountains provide a constant supply of chilled water at +8 +10°C.

Waffle irons
> Waffle irons

The ideal snack at any time of the day and appreciated from everybody in the world. The Roller Grill waffle irons accept deep-frozen, frozen pre-cooked waffles or home-made batter. Feel free to contact us for cooking times according to the waffle irons !

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> Saladbars

9 wooden salad’bars for self service and for a perfect presentation at the right temperature of your cold or hot starters, shellfish, meat, ready-made dishes, vegetable, desserts and so on.