Electric barbecue (GARDEN GRILL)

Electric barbecue

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The Garden Grill is an electric barbecue with lava rocks to reach the perfect taste and grilling results of wooden embers.

Easy to use : you just have to plug in. Add a few herbs of Provenceand you will move yourselves in the south of France at summer time. Not to mentionthe safety in using electrical energy, avoiding the danger and inconvenience ofcharcoal.

Easy to clean : removable control-box, enameled lava container. The lava rocks are porous; they will absorb fat and need to be renewed every 10 times by letting your barbecue run, empty, for 15 min to burn the fat gathered in the stones,or putting them on glowing embers or even gathering them in a tissue bag and putthem in a dish-washer.

Equipment : power regulator with 7 settings, pilot lights,cooking grid, enameled lava container.

Luxury version : chrome knob and handle.

Power : 2500 W
External dimensions : 300 x 545 x 140 mm
Weight : 10 Kg