Multifunction Turbo Quartz® oven 38 L (TQ 380)

Multifunction Turbo Quartz® oven 38 L

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The oven TQ 380 is a very design oven in all stainless steel with modern feet, nice knobs and a double door with curved handle like bakery oven style.

This electric oven is a real multifunction oven: ventilated heat, convection, ventilated pastry oven, Turbo Quartz®‚ ventilated salamander and rotisserie.

1.Ventilated heat: homogeneous circulation of hot air in the oven to cook, reheat or defrost your meals

2.Ventilated pastry oven : ideal for pies, bread and pastries. The lower armoured heating element is running at full power. Thanks to the ventilation system, the heat is perfectly spread out throughout the baking chamber and also adjusted very accurately thanks to the bulb thermostat.

3.Turbo Quartz® : association of top quartz and bottom armoured heating element to the ventilation system. To cook meat, fish, ready made dishes with 30% time saving as the Turbo Quartz® system is increasing the inside temperature of about 30°C more. Energy saving !

4. Quartz grill / Rotisserie: ventilated salamander essential to brown, broil or glaze + rotisserie with a turning spit to roast your meat.

 Thanks to its precise regulation of temperature, the oven TQ 380 I multiply the cooking possibilities:

-       Bakery oven by using a fire stone for the cooking of bread, pizza, flammekueche etc. 

-       Slow cooking: cooking at low temperature between 50 and 60°C

-       Dehydration of fruits and vegetable

-       Steam cooking with in a container with a lid

Easy cleaning: stainless steel inside walls, flat cover of the heating element and the bottom heating element itself, everything is completely removable !

Features: 5-position switch, timer 120, thermostat 0-300 ° C, infrared quartz tubes (1050°C) integrated in the top of the oven, bottom heating element, pilot lights, reversible grid (8 cooking levels), enamelled tray, spit, lighting. 

Power : 2 400 w
External dimensions : 550 x 550 x 335 mm
Interior Dimensions : 410 x 360 x 250 mm
Weight : 22 Kg
Capacity : 38 L

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