Static tapas display 6 x GN 1/3 (TPR 60)

Static tapas display 6 x GN 1/3

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The tapas display TPR 60 is a static refrigerated counter display meant for the presentation of cold starters, meat,fishes, vegetable etc. at the right homogeneous temperature +1°C/+5°C on GN containers.

Specific homogeneous spread of the cold on the whole surface of the container.Regulation of temperature thanks to electronic thermostat. Draining device. Ecological injected insulation. Stainless steel construction and finishing in anodized aluminium.

Easy cleaning: removable rear sliding doors in plexi, liftable curved frontglass.

Features: on/off switch, compressor, condenser and evaporator,electronic thermostat, gas R134 CFC free.Interior white-cold LED lighting system.

Delivered with 6 GN containers(TPR 60) or 8 GN containers (TPR 80) with a height of 40 mm.

Power : 0,16 kw
External dimensions : 1450 x 400 x 260 mm
Interior Dimensions : 1075 x 335 x 150 mm
Weight : 35 kg
Volts : 230 v
Capacity : 6 GN 1/3