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Chocolate or sauce warmer – 2 x 1 liter

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Dossier technique chauffe chocolat double WI/1
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Description du produit

The chocolate or sauce warmer WI / 1: THE solution to enhance your sweet or savoury culinary creations!

For your gourmet desserts, the chocolate warmer WI / 1 can heat up and make some sweet toppings more liquid without drying like: chocolate, spread, honey, caramel ... to dress your pancakes, waffles, cakes, ice cream, frozen desserts etc.

At the time of snacking, this sauce warmer WI / 1 heats up and keeps warm the sauce or cheese at right temperature without overheating to perfect your coverings or toppings of sandwiches, hot dogs or pizzas.

Nothing easier with the chocolate heater / sauce warmer WI / 1!

The chocolate heater or sauce warmer is very easy to use. Simply set the switch thermostat to "max" for 15 minutes and then to 60 ° C to keep warm the food preparation. A simple pressure on the flexible bottle guarantees a precise and hygienic topping thanks to the triple exit.

The electric warmer WI / 1 is a table-top warmer fitted with 2 black protective shells and a removable display for a pot of jam, honey or spread.

Features: Commutator thermostat, pilot light. Heating element around the stainless steel tray. Removable display for a pot of jam, honey, spread or grease bottle. Supplied with 2 pressure bottles and 3 exits each for easy, precise and hygienic topping.

Caractéristiques techniques

Capacité1 L
170 W
Dimensions Extérieures225 x 175 x 255 mm
Poids2 kg
230 V

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