Modular gas fryer 10 L (RFG 12)

Modular gas fryer 10 L

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The professional fryer RFG 12 is a modular gas fryer with high power 7Kw and a capacity of 10 L for fresh or frozen French fries, doughnuts, fish etc.

Easy to use: Piezo lighting of the pilot flame by 2 push-knobs on the front of the fryer with lighting control of the pilot burner. The back pipe enables direct gas exit. Multi-use basket holder: basket hanging system, filter for important wastes, frying possibilities of doughnuts or big pieces with no basket.

A perfect draining device in safe! The drawn and lightly tilted tank in only one piece is especially made for the direct flow of the oil without rest of oil in the tank. Draining device with tap in all stainless steel and safety system.

Features: press button for Piezo lighting, thermocouple and pilot burner, 2 burners of high power, adjustable feet. Lid in all stainless steel.

Option: Cabinet version with modular part. Door and inner-door with magnetic closing system. 100mm-high feet (CE/UL-NSF).

Power : 7 kw
External dimensions : 400 x 700 x 565 mm
Weight : 25 Kg
Capacity : 10 L

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