Ventilated warming display 5 levels WD 780 DI (WD 780 DI)

Ventilated warming display 5 levels WD 780 DI

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The ventilated warming display (5 levels) keeps your products warm (pizzas, quiches, cheese puffs, snacks etc) at constant temperature (20-90°C) thanks to 2 ventilators and thanks to a firestone placed at the bottom of the display. This panoramic counter display can also keep at a precise temperature of 72°C every kind of snacks with pork.

The humidity control thanks to a water container is indispensable to keep the products moist and delicious: buns, pizzas, croissants, savouries, cheese puffs etc.

This stainless steel illuminated display is fitted out with 4 LED ramps.

Rear openings to an angle to 180° for loading and service.

Easy cleaning thanks to the stainless steel bottom plate and to the grid holders which are completely removable.

Features: thermostat (0-95°C), water container, on/off and ventilation switch, pilot light, firestone. Stainless steel version. Delivered with 2 grids.

Power : 1.8 Kw
External dimensions : 780 x 490 x 640 mm
Interior Dimensions : 750 x 460 x 530 mm
Weight : 35 Kg
Volts : 230 V
Capacity : GN / 400 x 600 / Plats USA