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Commercial waffle makers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Grids are usually round or square, although rectangular or even heart-shaped options are available. To further refine the process of waffle making and provide more control over the quality, waffle makers have various capacities, waffle size accommodations, grid finishes and voltages. A higher voltage allows you to create more waffles, which is ideal for a busy kitchen, but a lower voltage can be used in more locations. When selecting a waffle maker, ensure it is suitable for installation in your kitchen.

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Safety tips when using a commercial waffle maker

Waffle makers are straightforward to operate, but as with any electrical appliance, there are basic safety precautions that you should follow to reduce the risk of fire, injury or electric shock including the following, including the following:



  • Do not operate the waffle maker if the plug or cord is damaged.


  • Do not use it if it malfunctions or has been dropped or damaged. Never attempt to repair it yourself. 


  • To protect against the risk of electric shock, do not immerse the waffle maker, the cord, or the plug in water.


  • Exercise caution if using the appliance near children.

  • Do not use the waffle maker for purposes other than making waffles.


  • Do not use with any other attachments or accessories as this may cause electrical shock, fire or injury.


  • Do not place on or near a heated oven or a gas or electric burner.


  • Use only on a flat, dry, heat-resistant surface.


  • Ensure the plug is plugged into an outlet with the correct voltage. 


  • Never let the cord hang over the edge of the countertop or table or come into contact with a hot surface.


  • Don't leave the waffle maker unattended during use.
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  • When using the waffle maker, ensure adequate ventilation above and around.


  • Don't let the waffle maker touch dish towels, curtains, wall hangings, clothing or other flammable materials while in use.


NB: be very careful when opening the waffle maker when the waffle is cooked, as steam will escape and may cause scalds.


  • Always unplug the waffle maker after use by removing the plug from the outlet.


  • Before cleaning or storing, unplug the waffle maker and allow it to cool completely. 


  • Never clean the waffle maker in a dishwasher - it must not be immersed in liquid.

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Power cord safety

  1. Never yank or pull on the electrical cord.

  2. To insert the plug, hold it firmly and guide it into the power outlet.

  3. To disconnect the waffle maker, grasp the plug and remove it from the power outlet.

  4. Inspect the power cord before each use. Do not use it if it is damaged.

  5. Do not wrap the power cord tightly around the appliance, which could cause the cord to fray or break. Do not operate the waffle maker if it stops working intermittently, and do not attempt to repair it yourself.