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If you are a professional in the food service industry, then you are aware of the importance of being able to produce food quickly and efficiently. That’s why using a professional crepe maker can make all the difference. Roller Grill is here to advise you : A good crepe maker will let you make plenty of delicious crepes in minutes, helping your business save time and money. Using a commercial-grade machine, such as a commercial crepe maker, will help ensure consistent results with every batch of crepes that you serve. This type of equipment is ideal for serving up fresh and tasty treats with its powerful motor, adjustable temperature control settings, heavy-duty stainless-steel construction, and non-stick cooking surface. It not only reduces preparation time, but also helps cut down on waste due to precise portion control abilities when making multiple servings at once. 


A good quality machine can also turn out an impressive number of crepes per hour – sometimes more than 300! This means that during times of high demand, such as weddings or festivals, an efficient device like this could help keep things running smoothly while still providing guests with hot, freshly made snacks throughout the day or night. 


Professional grade machines are definitely the way to go if you're looking for an efficient way to produce large quantities of delicious crepes quickly and consistently. With its ability to produce hundreds of crepes per hour while still providing precise portion control and consistent results, it is easy to see why using one could really benefit any food service business in both time and money saved. 

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Using a professional crepe maker for large quantities is essential for quality :

Making crepes is a skill that takes a lot of patience and attention to detail. To create delicious crepes, you need precision, timing, and the right equipment. Using a professional crepe maker is essential for any restaurateur or caterer who wants to serve their customers with perfect crepes each time.


A professional crepe maker does an excellent job at cooking the batter evenly on both sides thanks to its large, flat surface. This ensures that each one of your customers' orders will be cooked perfectly every time – no more scrambled lumps or burnt bits! The steel used also has non-stick properties, so there's no need for extra oiling, which can make your crepes soggy or greasy. 


If you're running behind schedule during peak times, using a commercial grade machine will help you cook up multiple batches of delicious hot and fresh pancakes quickly and easily. Plus, these machines are built to last, which means you won't have to replace them often like traditional pans would require. 


Considering presentation, well-cooked quality food creates an amazing experience among diners. After all, what people see first when presented with their meal plays an important role in how much enjoyment they get from it overall! 

A professional machine can make beautiful dishes that look very attractive. This way, restaurants can make sure their clients always get high-quality dishes with lots of flavor each time they dine out at their restaurant. 

Professional machines such as crepe makers offer numerous advantages over traditional methods such as frying pans – not only do they help chefs save up valuable time whilst creating consistent results, but they also allow restaurants to provide better quality results

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How do I plan a high-speed process to cook as many crepes as possible in a short period of time?

It can be challenging to make crepes with a professional crepe maker in a restaurant setting. It requires careful planning and precise timing to achieve the desired results. For a fast schedule while making crepes, there are several key steps to follow: 


Make sure to prepare your ingredients ahead of time.

Make sure all necessary ingredients for the dish have been prepared ahead of time before beginning. Ensure that all fillings such as fruits or syrups are ready to go before measuring out flour, sugar, and other spices. Having everything prepared beforehand will save time when it comes to actually making the crepes. 


Pre-heat your professional crepe maker.  

Once all the necessary items have been gathered together and organized, it is important to turn on and preheat your professional crepe maker before beginning the process. Depending on what specific model you’re using this may take anywhere from five minutes up to half an hour so plan accordingly! 

 practicing allows you to reach perfection

Practicing allows you to reach perfection. 

Before service hours, take some extra time to practice creating different types of crepes without worrying about serving customers. At least until you get comfortable with how long it takes each recipe to cook through properly on your particular device given its temperature settings. Doing this should help speed things up when busy times come around later in the day. 


Watch the cooking times closely.

You should keep track of their progress by regularly checking them throughout their cooking process. Adjust heat settings if needed, but always monitor carefully so that none overcooks! Being aware of how much energy is used during production also helps conserve resources while speeding up production rate at the same time. It is also recommended to use smaller sized professional crepe makers since they tend to cook faster than larger ones, which will help expedite the overall process even further if done correctly enough times consecutively. 

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Make sure the plating area is clean and organized.

The finished product should be placed onto designated plating trays/boards or containers according to customer preferences and designations. Then, transfer quickly into the serving area where they can be easily accessed by wait staff. This will allow for smoother operations, which will ultimately speed things up considerably over longer periods of usage, I.e. :  no spills resulting in delays during service hours! Furthermore, having separate sections prepared specifically for garnishes like chocolate sauce, powdered sugar, etc. will help create an efficient workflow, allowing more orders to fulfil faster turnover rate. 


It's not easy to keep up with a busy schedule and make delicious crepes, but following the tips above should help anyone succeed in doing just that in shorter amounts of time than they would with traditional methods alone. When ingredients are prepared properly and the cooking process is kept under constant watch, these tasks are easier to do and produce better end products. You can achieve wonderful crepe creations with diligence and practice, which can be found in restaurants everywhere today!