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A professional fryer at home

Have you ever seen a round restaurant fryer with a lid? No, professional deep fryers are open, rectangular, built-in and use a technology called the cold zone. Bring the performance of Roller Grill fryers home to consistently cook fresh or frozen fries.


History and technology of the fryer

Historical reminder: from the wood fire to the worktop

To fry food, it was originally necessary to heat a pan full of oil over a wood fire. Very quickly, cooks used a basket, filled it with food and plunged it into a container filled with oil placed on a cooking plate.


The traditional deep fryer was born in the 20th century and quickly became more democratic, taking a prominent place in the culinary habits of Northern France. The arrival of the integrated thermostat brought the electric fryer into every kitchen in the country.




The fryer is becoming more professional

Today, it is one of the essential pieces of equipment in a professional kitchen. This method of cooking consists of immersing products in an oil bath heated to a very high temperature. In a few minutes, the food is fried on the outside and remains soft on the inside.


How to choose a professional electric fryer?

A professional quality fryer for the home: it is possible

Our technical expertise has enabled us to put together a coherent and complete collection of 100% French-made products. It includes 25 models of top-of-the-range electric or gas fryers, with or without draining, single or double tank, table or chest mounted.


Roller Grill has chosen to make the most demanding gourmets benefit from the performance and sturdiness of the appliances. This choice has resulted in the creation of a high-end line of semi-pro fryers.

semi professional fryers

Adapting the capacity of the fryer

A semi-professional deep fryer with a 4l cold zone is suitable for cooking French fries for a family of four. To prepare meals for more than four guests, it is necessary to use an appliance with a capacity of 8 Liters with draining.

Focus on the quality of the cold zone

It is the performance of the cold zone that conditions a successful cooking in the fryer. In semi-professional electric fryers, the cold zone is located under the heating element of the machine. The oil must be heated to a temperature sufficient to achieve a heat differential of 100°C between the bottom of the tank and the oil bath above the heating element.

The greater the distance between the position of the heating element and the bottom of the tank, the better the cold zone. In a deep fryer with draining, the curved bottom of the tank further accentuates this space under the resistance and facilitates the draining of the oil.

 professional electric fryer

The importance of heating power

The power of the semi-pro fryer is important, not for faster cooking, but to ensure that the oil bath heats up. When fries or doughnuts are plunged into the machine, the oil suddenly drops in temperature. This drop in temperature is even more abrupt when the products are frozen. The appliance must be powerful enough for the oil bath to rise in temperature very quickly without affecting the frying of the food. With a low performance fryer, the food cooks in a mixture of water and oil. The bath never reaches the right temperature to obtain crispy outside and soft inside fries: the products are impregnated with oil, they are soft and without taste. The temperature maintenance thanks to a high heating power is the guarantee of a successful frying.


Precision and safety of the appliance

For a precise and safe cooking at 175°C, the Roller Grill fryers are equipped with a bulb regulator and a safety thermostat. The safety thermostat automatically shuts down the machine in case of malfunction, insufficient oil or overheating.

On the RFN 4 rectangular stainless steel fryer, an adjustable timer allows you to automatically monitor the cooking time and always obtain tasty fries.

professional fryer


How do you use a professional fryer?

With all the foods you want!

A semi-pro fryer is designed for frying fresh and frozen products: potatoes, fritters, nuggets, fried fish, accras, chicken...


Our appliances allow successive and varied frying in the same oil without transmitting tastes or smells between the fried foods thanks to the cold zone. The pieces of breadcrumbs or cooking residues, carriers of carbonization and odor, gather at the bottom of the tank, under the resistance. The oil bath above the heating element remains clean even after several fryings, without transmitting tastes and odors between the different cookings.


What is the secret of quality frying?

The heating power of the appliance combined with the two-bath cooking process ensures perfect deep-frying.   The two-bath cooking process consists of two steps:


  • Blanching of the food. Wait during the preheating process until the light on the machine goes out (indicating that the oil bath has reached the ideal temperature) and then put the basket in (the light comes on because the temperature drops when the food is cold). Leave them for 2 minutes, they come out seared on the outside, thus avoiding the infiltration of oil in the product.
  • Once the food has been seared, raise the basket to drain it from the oil bath. As soon as the thermostat light goes off again (the oil has reached the right temperature), immerse the basket a second time for 4 to 5 minutes. During this phase, the ingredients are cooked by conduction.

 quality frying


Roller Grill equipment for easy cleaning

For more convenience, Roller Grill has designed its electric fryers with removable parts:

  • The resistance box is easily removed. It can be wiped with a damp sponge (be careful to dry the resistance).
  • The basket can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • The tank is also removable and machine washable, except for the models with draining. On these appliances, this step is safe: you just have to put a tray to collect the used oil and empty the fryer by opening the drain tap. 


Always be sure to empty the fryer's tank completely at the end of use.


Having a professional fryer at home, safe, easy to handle and efficient, is now possible thanks to the Roller Grill range. Choose the model that suits you best to treat the whole family and the most demanding guests with succulent fries that are both soft and crispy.