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Heated display

The heated display is the essential electrical equipment for keeping snacks, ready meals, pizzas, pastries, etc., warm. Roller Grill manufactures different models of professional hot showcases depending on the type and quantity of products to be kept warm.

Heated display showcases for hot snacks to take away

The heated display showcases are specifically designed for snacks, bars, breweries, tea rooms, etc. These panoramic counter displays highlight and keep warm (20°C to 90 ° C) your pizzas, sweets, pastries, etc.

The professional hot showcases WD are equipped with a humidity drawer to keep the products moist.

Bain-marie showcases for prepared dishes served on the plate

Thanks to the built-in bain-marie function, the bain-marie display cabinets keep the ready-made dishes, soups, vegetables and any other hot accompaniment at right temperature (up to 90 ° C).

This equipment particularly studied for communities and restaurants are counter-top or built-in showcases Roller Grill also manufactures MS furniture units for embedding these BMV bain-marie display cabinets.