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Professional multifunction ovens

How To Choose a Professional Oven?

The most essential piece of equipment to own if you are in the catering profession are reliable and professional multifunction ovens. Depending on which part of the industry you specialise in, you will select professional ovens that are best suited to your specific requirements. A quality multifunction oven will allow you to vary your cooking, and produce an array of items with enviable cooking results! From bakery ovens to compact ovens – Roller Grill offers a vast range of electric multifunction oven units.


Professional ovens must meet your needs

The requirements of food service professionals may vary depending on various factors. So, you should take into account the following:

  1. Preparation, cooking and menus:

If you serve mainly single portions: compact ovens are sufficient.

Large quantities of dishes, or various savoury or sweet dishes: larger ovens with multiple functions will be needed here.

For frozen, pre-cooked, pre-raised products, and fresh bread: An oven with steam production is essential.

  1. You must take into account the amount of space you have available in your professional kitchen.
  2. Lastly, take a look at the establishment’s electrical installation: Is it single-phase or three-phase installation?

 easy cooking with multifunction oven

Compact ventilated ovens = the cooking solution for frozen, pre-cooked and pre-raised products

Fast food restaurants and communities will fare well with a vertical oven that is ventilated and contains a small cavity. This type of oven is able to rise rapidly in temperature, spreading even heat into the oven chamber enabling you to cook or reheat fresh, frozen or pre-cooked products. It can quickly cook up a wide array of dishes such as fish, meat, cakes and gratins.


Vertical oven models, such as the FC 280 and FC 380, are particularly recommended in the hotel industry, for baking pre-poured frozen products such as croissants, rolls, chocolate breads, etc. They are also beneficial for baking pre-baked and/or frozen dishes in company canteens and catering facilities. Baking terminals or take-away points of sale prefer the FCV 280 for these same baking operations, because of its compactness thanks to its vertical door.


The 28L professional compact ovens FC 280 and FCV 280, are electrical ovens which are especially designed for small shops and kiosks with limited available space. They are real space-savers!




Restaurants and hotels = select a multifunction oven!

Professional multifunction ovens allow for a huge variety of cooking options, making it a particularly complete cooking appliance for restaurants and hotels wishing to integrate a little homemade cooking into their breakfast menus!


The FC 60 TQ and FC 380 TQ multifunction oven models facilitate precise cooking of all types of meat dishes, fish cuts, vegetables, pastries, gratins and sauces, etc.


The GN 2/3 FC 60 TQ multifunction oven – like the smaller 38L FC 380 TQ multifunction oven – is unique in the catering industry since it combines several cooking technologies in one:

  •  Ventilated heat for even cooking.
  • The ventilated pastry oven for baking pastries, pie bases and gratins.
  • The ventilated salamander essential for grilling, browning and glazing.
  • Turbo Quartz®, a revolutionary technology exclusively developed by Roller Grill that reduces your cooking times by 30%!

lamb shoulder in the oven

The steam oven = THE oven for bakeries and pastry shops!

he bakery oven is often recognized as the most efficient and controlled oven due to the following features:

  •  Optimal heat ventilation courtesy of its powerful adjustable turbine.
  • Automated and pre-set steam production function.
  • Its capacity and modularity.


The FC 110 E Gastronorm GN 1/1 electric bakery oven can accept all types of dishes from bread to pastries and soufflés.


The model FC 110 EG Gastronorm GN 1/1 with its quartz tubes located in the upper section and adjustable turbine, is especially appreciated by pastry cooks for not only baking breads, but also preparing varied desserts such as pastries, pies, meringues, soufflés and more.


With the associated EP 800 push/proofer heating chamber, the kneader and the rolling mill, you have the indispensable equipment for baking the best fresh breads! Note, you can join the FC 110 E or FC 110 EG to the EP 800 to make a whole bakery station, particularly helpful if you are lacking in space.


How to clean my Roller Grill professional multifunction oven?

The Roller Grill multifunction oven units are constructed from stainless-steel inside, therefore the multifunction oven is very easy to clean. In addition, all the stainless-steel ladders from the multifunction oven are removable and completely machine washable.

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