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Your display area is a magnet that attracts customers to purchase your products. Consumers today are looking for products that are easy to find, see and retrieve and which take the least time to acquire. So a visually appealing commercial display refrigerator is a crucial piece of equipment for many food-supply businesses. Wherever chilled or refrigerated foods are sold, you are likely to find a commercial display refrigerator.


From restaurants and cafes to patisseries and canteens, many food outlets use glass-doored refrigerators to increase sales. They are popular because while commercial refrigerators with solid doors may maintain internal temperatures slightly more consistently, customers cannot see what they contain, so they rarely boost sales.

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What are the different types of display refrigerators?

Commercial display refrigerators are available in a range of different styles and sizes. For example, in a bakery, a large vertical refrigerated display cabinet with glass doors would be an ideal solution for displaying chilled patisserie and cakes. Upright refrigerated display cabinets come in various capacities with the option of single, double or triple doors.


Horizontal display refrigerators are perfect for shops, restaurants, cafes or canteens displaying dishes on countertops. They are available in different sizes, so you can accommodate the stock quantity required to meet demand.


A further point to consider is how many shelves you require. Naturally, the larger the refrigerator, the more shelves are supplied as standard. And many display refrigerators offer the option of movable shelves so you can adjust the storage to meet your needs. 


With such a wide range of commercial refrigerated display units available, there’s one to suit every food supply business, whether large or small.

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The advantages of a refrigerated display unit

Commercial display refrigerators are designed for front-of-house display, so they are much more aesthetically pleasing than domestic refrigerators. The latest refrigerated display units offer far more than an appealing way to display your products - they’re also an excellent way to enhance the ambience of your premises.


 A stunning space-saving refrigerated display unit gives your shop or restaurant a refreshing new look and makes it more attractive to customers. Replacing solid door refrigerators with a beautiful glass door display unit with bright, visually appealing lighting projects a warm welcome. In addition, the latest models are also very quiet and consume less energy, so you will enjoy lower utility bills.


  • User-friendly designs to boost sales

Customers need to see and retrieve products easily before they buy them, so enabling easy access to your products is essential, especially when tempting them to impulse purchases. Therefore, offering an attractive, clearly visible display of your products that makes them easy to reach will inevitably boost your sales.


Commercial display refrigerators show off your products in a clean, well-lit and accessible way for in-store customers. Unless a customer has already decided to buy a product before entering your shop, they are unlikely to ask about a product they cannot already see. Displaying your products as clearly and attractively as possible allows customers to decide whether to buy while exploring other displayed options – creating a scenario which is more likely to result in a sale.

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  • Superb lighting

In a commercial setting, visibility is the key! And there’s no better way to attract a customer’s attention than with lighting; the brighter, the better. Refrigerated display units are illuminated so you can present your products in the most attractive way. As a result, your dishes and other goods will look their best, and customers will be able to see what they are looking for clearly. Display refrigerators are perfect for showcasing a wide range of food, from meats, salads and dairy products to drinks, sandwiches and cream cakes. 


  • Adaptable doors

Refrigerated display units can be adapted, allowing for various floor layouts. And where space is limited, sliding doors offer the perfect solution. 

Shop display refrigerators are frequently opened and closed, so self-closing doors are an excellent option to conserve energy and maintain maximum performance.


  • Easy-to-read temperature displays

You can carry out scheduled temperature checks quickly and easily, ensuring that food is kept at the correct temperature.


  • Security

If you need to store high-value products in your refrigerated display unit outside trading hours, opt for lockable display cabinets to provide additional security for your stock when the premises are unattended.


  • Easy to clean and maintain

A glass-doored refrigerator needs little maintenance - a regular swift clean with a clean cloth and warm soapy water will keep it safe, hygienic, and beautiful. Keep the vents free of dust by vacuuming or by cleaning them with a cloth. Inspect the door seals regularly to prevent cold air from escaping, and have your refrigerators serviced annually by a qualified technician.