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The consumer is eating faster and faster. He now requires tasty and healthy food eaten on the run. Often referred as an offer of high-end products, food trades and delicatessens are therefore very interesting to play the card of snacking and takeaway.

metier1Artisan bakers are the precursors of this path of differentiation with an increasingly wide range of sandwiches, quiches, breakfast formulas, lunches and other snacks to take away throughout the day. All other craftsmen, such as butchers, delicatessens, fishmongers, greengrocers, cheese makers and pastry chefs can also enhance their offer through gourmet snacking for immediate or deferred consumption in the office or at home.

metier1For example, butchers can offer meat carpaccio to take waya. Delicatessens often offer traditional or exotic dishes that are rewarm in the office or at home. The greengrocers will attract nomadic consumers with gazpachos, tapas, fresh fruit or vegetable salads for the summer, minestrones and soups in winter, as well as vegetable broths or pressed fruit juices. Fishmongers can surf the wave of sushi to takeaway. They can also prepare a fish and chips or a ceviche on the menu of the day. Cheese makers create cheese sandwiches or food trays for buffet dinners and drinks in summer. They can also organize a complete offer for a successful raclette or cheese fondue at home. Pastry chefs rely on originality with exotic pastries at tea time.

metier1With 70 years of experience in the manufacture of small cooking and refrigeration equipment for fast food, Roller Grill offers to all food craftsmen in search of snacking offers the widest range of compact, high performance equipment with intensive use such as planchas, inductions, toasters, contact-grills, crepe makers, waffle irons, hot-dog concepts, bain-maries, deep fat fryers, refrigerated display cases, tapas showcases, etc.