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Waffles are enjoyed the world over either as a treat, dessert, or as part of a main meal, such as breakfast. Who can resist delicious, warm waffles with delectable sauce and toppings? Making them requires some special equipment, though. A professional waffle maker should possess certain technical features in order to yield the best possible final product. Investing in a professional waffle maker will be well worth the mouth-watering results. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the wonderful world of waffles! 

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Characteristics of an exceptional Waffle Maker

You will find that the best commercial waffle maker system contains cast-iron plates. This is because cast-iron equals incomparable thermal inertia. Normal thin plates with a non-stick coating, such as Teflon, struggle to retain adequate temperature and effective heat transfer. Also, traditional aluminium and cast aluminium plates have negative toxic effects on health.


The plates must be thick enough to accumulate enough heat to cook evenly, which is especially important for waffles which require homogeneous, gentle cooking in a hot mould. Fixed plates are designed for heavy duty usage, such as those found in an industrial and commercial waffle maker, while interchangeable plates are commonly used in household waffle machines.


Waffle irons need to supply enough power to penetrate through the thickness of the cast-iron plates. When there’s an adequate power supply, there’s no need to flip the waffle machine over. (Some waffle machines need to be flipped, because they do not have enough power to bake the top of the waffles).


An accurate thermostat is responsible for effective and precise temperature control and subsequent uniform, smooth baking outcomes. The final product should be neither too runny nor burned in any places.


Regarding the time factor, a good waffle machine will cook thoroughly in a short time period. Depending on the recipe and the shape of the waffle, it shouldn’t take longer than 3 to 3:30 mins to cook a waffle at an average temperature of 230°C.


Roller Grill offers the best waffle makers on the market! Our cast iron waffle maker selection is designed and constructed according to the strictest specifications of professional French technology. The units are manufactured from the highest-grade quality materials, and are designed to be both sturdy and compact. All of our machine’s high conduction value ensures an even spreading of heat. Our powerful appliances come standard with cast-iron plates to prepare waffles which are golden and crispy on the outside, and soft and light on the inside.


The Roller Grill range of Waffle Makers

Roller Grill offers a wide variety of cast iron waffle maker units, including single and double electric waffle irons, as well as models that are adapted for different purposes. The range has you covered whether you are interested in traditional waffles or something special. The GED 10, GED 20, GED 40 and GED 80 double waffle irons have the same characteristics as the GES 10, GES 20, GES 40 and GES 80 single models. Both the single and double versions house independent controls and are exceptionally simple to operate.


The cast iron mould plates are designed for producing perfect waffles which do not stick to the metal.


The Roller Grill range of professional waffle equipment is suitable for all types of waffle dough; whether frozen, pre-cooked frozen waffles or fresh, homemade waffle batter.


For traditional Belgian waffles, the following models are recommended: GES 10, GES 20, GED 10 and GED 20. Belgian waffle lovers will love the GES 10 model for Brussels waffles, and GES 20 for Liege waffles.


For frozen waffles, the GES 20 waffle iron has been tested and validated with McCain frozen waffles.


For takeaways and waffles on sticks, the GES 23, GES 80 and GED 80 are suggested. Pastry chefs and glaciers will appreciate creating ice-cream cones with the GES 40 waffle iron for cones.


A round waffle iron is best for preparing and baking round waffles, which can then be cut and shared into 4 quarters and served on a plate with ice-cream, chocolate sauce, red berry sauce, or any other topping of your choice. The GED 40 (double model), GES 75 and GED 75 are indicated for round waffles.

 bubble waffle

Roller Grill always likes to further the culinary boundaries through innovative, new concepts in cookery and bakery. How about shaking things up and offering your customers something truly unique which will make you shine out compared to your competition? The GES 23 corn-shaped waffle iron cooks 4 sweet waffles easily on a stick which are so much fun and easy to eat. These are guaranteed to be a hit with kids!


Salted waffles are a new trend that has become popular, and the GES 80 machine will help you make these “lollipop” waffles.


Another helpful Roller Grill feature is that the waffle makers possess a patented stainless steel tray, which forms a rim below the edge of the bottom plate. This collects excess batter, and makes the cleaning up process so much easier. The tray is completely dishwasher-safe.


Clean up of our waffle makers is quick and painless. On a cooled-down and unplugged machine, simply use the complimentary brush to scrub the plates and hinges, and then just clean and wipe down the inside and outside of the machine using a wet sponge.


The waffle machines come with a commutator thermostat 0-300°C, control lights, and a timer. They are also delivered with a complementary brush utensil for cleaning purposes.


Start Making Those Tasty Waffles NOW!


Roller Grill waffle makers make a valuable investment for any catering business, and are perfect for restaurants and tearooms. They are high-performance appliances designed for intensive and industrious usage. Since they are very portable and compact, they are also very convenient for takeaways at festivals, events, fairs, and food trucks, etc.


So, whether you wish to invest in a waffle maker to start or add to a successful and profitable catering business or you just want to enjoy the best freshest waffles at home – Roller Grill has an exciting and extensive range to suit your specific requirements.