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A crepe maker is an essential tool for any professional kitchen. Not only does it provide a quick and easy way to create delicious, restaurant-quality crepes, but it also requires proper cleaning and maintenance to ensure its longevity. 


You can look no further if you're unsure of how to properly clean and maintain your professional crepe maker. Roller Grill will provide step-by-step instructions on how best to take care of this important kitchen appliance without damaging your professional crepe maker. 

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What products can I use to clean my professional crepe maker?

A professional crepe maker can be kept in top condition with the right cleaning and maintenance products. 


It goes without saying that before any attempt to clean your professional crepe maker, you may unplug your crepe maker and wait for it to cool down. Even if you are rushing, it is very important to respect security guidelines, to prevent any trouble either for you or your employees. 


For optimal performance, it is essential to invest in a cleaner that is specifically designed for use on professional equipment. The best choice for keeping your crepe maker clean is to use a non-abrasive cleaner specially formulated for restaurant kitchen surfaces. Without damaging the delicate surface of the appliance, this type of product will quickly remove grease and food particles. It should also be safe to use around food, since no harsh chemicals are present in its ingredients list. 

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When cleaning your professional crepe maker, you should also have an appropriate scrubbing brush on hand. You can remove stubborn bits of food without scratching or marking the surface of your machine with a soft bristle brush made from natural materials. This will help you reach into all those nooks and crannies where grease can accumulate over time. Waiting before cleaning is never an adequate solution : the more you wait, the more the bits of food will stick to your professional clean maker. 


Finally, don't forget about regular oiling! Grease build-up can really affect how well your crepes flip – so give your machine a light spray of cooking oil each week before using it again (or after every few uses if you're making them frequently). This simple step keeps everything in good shape and makes sure that your crepes slide off the plate each time you cook them. With these simple steps, it’s easy to keep your professional crepe maker looking and working like new for years to come.


How regularly should one clean a professional crepe maker?

Cleaning your professional crepe maker regularly is an important step to maintain its condition and ensure the safety of your customers. A crepe maker can collect bits of batter, oil and other debris which is not cleaned properly can lead to a build-up of bacteria or cause cross contamination. 


Professional crepe makers should be cleaned after every use. This includes wiping down all surfaces with warm soapy water followed by a sanitizing solution, ensuring that all nooks and crannies are free from residue. Furthermore, it is essential to give the top griddle plate a thorough scrubbing at least once per week to prevent any blackening around areas where food particles may have been burned onto the surface. 

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It’s also indispensable to clean the stainless steel frame with a wet and non abrasive sponge around and underneath the square or round machine depending on your model. This helps keep them working smoothly without obstruction for long-lasting use… 


For the best results, be sure to clean your professional crepe maker after every use and give it a thorough cleaning at least once per week. Following these steps will help you maintain your machine while making delicious crepes.