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Most commercial waffle makers run on electricity and are ideal for cafes, hotels, or restaurants. But if you have a mobile food truck or stand and want to serve waffles at a festival or fair where you don't have access to an electrical supply, some waffle makers that run on gas are also available, but it is not really popular as the plates are too tiny to get efficient gas burners.

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The pros and cons of gas and electric waffle makers

Gas waffle makers are a type of waffle machine powered by propane gas rather than electricity. They are suitable for mobile commercial settings such as food trucks, tents and stands because they are portable and do not require an electrical outlet. Gas waffle makers work in much the same way as electric waffle makers, but they can take longer to heat up and bake the waffles.

For mobile food vendors looking to sell their products at festivals or fairs, propane gas waffle machines wind hands down over electric since you do not need to rely on a generator or electrical connection. So unless the events you plan will provide an electric supply, a gas waffle machine may be a suitable option. However, gas waffle makers are expensive, especially the larger models that can cook multiple waffles, so they are a substantial investment for your business. And they are not so popular on the market !


Cooking with a gas waffle machine requires a few more cooking skills and experience than with an electric model. This is because gas waffle makers have no thermostatic controls. Instead, you slide the waffle irons in and out over the gas flame to control the temperature and flip them to heat the other sides. Of course, you can control the flame, but you only have a simple dial to make the flame weaker or stronger. The flame can be controlled, of course, but that is just with a simple dial making the flame stronger or weaker. An infrared temperature gun can tell you how hot the waffle iron is, and you can open the plates to check whether the waffle is brown enough. Not a very precise method, but experienced cooks produce delicious crispy waffles with these machines. 


On the other hand, you could opt for an electric waffle maker and connect it to a generator. However, remember that generators can be noisy, and your event may have noise restrictions. This means also using the machine the whole day long to get continuously hot plates for a great cooking quality. Electric waffle iron gives you a very precise cooking for delicious golden and crispy waffles. 

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More features to consider when buying a commercial waffle maker

1. Plates of the waffle maker 

The plates determine the shape, size and texture of your waffles; waffles can be square, rectangular, round, cone or heart-shaped.


2. Rotary features

Rotary features allow your waffles to be flipped easily and 

cooked evenly on both sides for bubble waffles. 


3. Adjustable cooking and browning control

 An adjustable browning control on the waffle maker lets you set the waffle to be as cooked precisely as your customer wants it! 


4. Capacity 

Domestic waffle makers usually allow only one waffle to be cooked at a time, but with a commercial model, you can prepare up to eight waffles simultaneously. 


5. Drip trays

Drip trays collect any batter that might fall out during cooking. They are dishwasher-safe and make cleaning up much more straightforward.

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