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Lava stone grill

Discover our simple or double Lava Stone Grills 



The Lava Stone Grill, another way to cook your barbecues!

Professional electric grills 140 and 140D allow you to cook fish, meats, and sausages while preserving the flavors. As with wood embers, lava stones evenly spread the heat over the whole cooking surface and absorb grease.

A very simple use of the lava stone grill for savory grilled meat or fish.


 electric grill Roller Grill

Advantages of using a Lava Stone Grill : 

The use of a Volcanic Stone in professional cooking will allow you to obtain a result identical to barbecuing without the disadvantages.


Same cooking as an electric griddle plate:

 The electric Lava Stone grill offers you the same results as a conventional griddle hot plate.


You can grill any food of your choice: kebabs, sausages, pieces of meat, whole fish or fillets as well as vegetables, such as eggplant or corn.

The Lava Stone grill reproduces the special taste of the barbecue, in a marinade or with herbs de Provence.

Our professional electric Lava Stone grills replicate the same characteristic grill markings on the meat, for optimal results right down to the look of your plates.


Technical advantages of using Lava Stone Grills

 Lava stones are volcanic stones whose natural properties are useful for cooking on an electric griddle plate:


  • Lava Stones are refractory: particularly resistant to high temperatures, they accumulate heat and release it slowly to the food to be cooked. This specific quality of this type of stone allows, in cooking, to obtain perfectly homogeneous cooking of meat or vegetables.
  • Volcanic stones are porous: this property allows them to absorb fats and to give off the same fragrances as a classic barbecue.

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Lava Stone: The pros without the cons of barbecues 

Generally, barbecuing generates too much heat which tends to damage the food while being cooked. Our Lava Stone grills are working like a precise induction cooker


Our appliances are equipped with adjustable thermostats, for a quick temperature rise, and safe use. The temperature control creates a heating envelope where the food cooks gently and evenly like a professional induction cooker.


Cooking on an electric Lava Stone grill is a healthier process: it does not release carcinogenic smoke from repeated cooking of fats on a conventional grill. 


Finally, our professional Lava Stone grills work like a classic dismountable electric griddle plate. No embers, no coals or ashes! They are safe to use and easy to clean!


How to use a Lava Stone Grill?

Our Lava Stone cooking appliances have the advantage of being simple to use while remaining highly safe professional equipment.


Our Lava Stone grills are also very easy to install. In a few minutes, they are ready to use!


  • Spread the Volcanic stones in the enameled tray.
  • Place the heating element connected to the control box in the lava stones.
  • Plugin the appliance and preheat it to the desired temperature.


We offer two models of professional electric Lava Stone grills.


The simple version: The electric Lava Stone grill 140 fits perfectly in small spaces. It occupies a width of only 30 cm on your work surface. It has a cooking grid, an energy meter, and control indicators.


The 140 D professional double lava stone grill has two independent control panels. It occupies a maximum depth of 50 cm for twice the output.


All of our electric Lava Stone grills are designed for the professional catering industry. That's why these two models have a stainless steel anti-splash firewall fixed around the electric griddle plate and are as effective as a professional induction cooker.

 double electric grill roller grill 140d


How to clean a Lava Stone Roller Grill?

 Our professional Lava Stone grills are easy to clean.


  • The electrical box is completely removable.
  • The enameled plate and the grill can be cleaned with a simple sponge.

As for the Volcanic Stones, all you have to do is :


  • Soak the volcanic stones in a bucket of water with dishwashing liquid.
  • Rinse them and let them dry.

You can also gather them in a strainer and put them in the dishwasher.


Lava Stone cooking is now a staple of professional grill cooking. With this process, you can cook a wide variety of foods while maintaining the flavors of a wood-fired grill.


Equip your restaurant or your outdoor kitchen with a quality and safe device, and treat your guests!