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Gourmet crepe machines

Gourmet crepe machines : Discover our semi-professional crepe makers for demanding gourmets :

Which semi-professional crepe maker for your home?

To prepare excellent pancake recipes easily and on all occasions, choose a Roller Grill semi-professional crepe maker! In order to make the right choice, it is important to remember the possibilities for making pancakes and to compare the characteristics of the Roller Grill crepe makers.


Why use a professional crepe maker instead of a crepe pan?

The disadvantages of the crepe pan

The first condition to cook successful and tasty pancakes is to have a perfectly homogeneous heating zone. However, a frying pan is placed on small, uneven heat sources (gas cooker or hob), which results in uneven cooking of the batter.


Deformations can also occur on a pan with a non-stick coating. Cast iron pans are more durable, but very heavy to handle. 


Finally, pancake pans, far from professional quality, are suitable for preparing small quantities. They are insufficient for pancakes for a whole birthday party or for galettes for several guests. 



The Roller Grill crepe maker: the advantages of professional equipment

The solution to all these problems is the semi-professional electric or gas Roller Grill crepe makers. The cast iron disc is thicker than the bottom of a pan. The heat source covers the entire surface. The crepe maker has a better inertia and an even distribution of heat over the griddle. The Roller Grill crepe makers are designed for intensive use thanks to their cast iron disc and long-lasting components. They allow you to cook large quantities of pancakes. The 40 cm crepe makers reach a high temperature. You can use them to cook all other foods: vegetables, meat, fish, etc...


The Roller Grill expertise to choose your family crepe maker

Roller Grill: the expert in contact cooking

For more than 40 years, Roller Grill has been recognized in the professional catering industry for its expertise in contact cooking. Roller Grill crepe makers are appreciated by the biggest names in cuisine around the world. This technology is applied to an exclusive high-end line for the most demanding gourmets.


What type of crepe maker should I choose?

Electric crepe makers Roller Grill

The Roller Grill appliances provide a perfectly even temperature on the griddle, which is essential for cooking the very thin batter of crepes. The discs of the 40 cm electric crepe makers have an integrated spiral heating element for even heat distribution. The adjustable thermostat ensures precise cooking.


The appliances are supplied with a power cord and can be plugged into a mains socket without any special electrical installation.

make delicious crepe with roller grill crepe machine

Roller Grill gas crepe makers

In order to guarantee a cooking area with a sufficient and perfectly homogeneous temperature over its entire surface, the bilig gas crepe makers are equipped with eight-star burners fixed under the disc


The crepe maker can be placed outdoors: the gas reacts quickly to changes in the weather and adjusts perfectly to keep the griddle constantly at the right cooking temperature. The gas machines are secured by Piezo ignition and a safety thermocouple. The latter switches off the appliance in case of overheating or gas leakage.


Choosing the coating of the disc according to its use

The classic cast iron crepe maker: the choice of purists

The traditional Breton crepe maker (buckwheat crepe recipe) or bilig crepe maker has a machined cast iron disc. Before using it for the first time, it is necessary to make the heating surface perfectly smooth and to obtain a homogeneous cooking: the pancake does not stick on the plate.


Why does Roller Grill recommend an enamelled cast iron crepe pan?

Enamelled cast iron is the end of the tedious task of basting crepe makers! The Roller Grill electric bilig crepe makers are operational from the first use for cooking crepes, pancakes, blinis… Thanks to its ultra-smooth enamelled surface, the crêpe pan does not need to be culled, the heat transfer is optimal: the cooking is done at 200-220°C instead of 240°C (temperature of a classic cast iron crêpe pan). This ultra-fast heat-up means time and energy savings for the cook. In addition, the enamel coating is easy to clean in a flash in case of scale.


The semi-professional enamelled cast iron crepe makers are available in two different heating systems:

  • The CFE 400 electric crepe maker to be placed on a work surface.
  • The CFG 400 TH crepe maker (gas version) can be installed even outdoors.

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Reheating crepes on a ceramic hob

With the CVE 400 Roller Grill and its infrared ceramic griddle, you can heat up already cooked pancakes in no time - 25 seconds! - already cooked pancakes!


The essential accessories for making beautiful crepes

With Roller Grill, gourmets can reproduce at home the conditions of professional preparation of sweet and savoury crepes thanks to a wide range of accessories:

  • The grease pad for evenly greasing the crepe disc with very little sunflower oil before cooking. It also allows you to wipe the heating surface to remove any impurities or residues from the previous cooking.
  • The crepe rake or rozell supplied with the crepe maker: essential for turning clockwise and spreading the batter evenly.
  • Two stainless steel spatulas: the larger one is used to turn the crepe over to cook the other side, the triangular one to fold the crepe or galette.

Gather all your utensils in a unique storage kit from Roller Grill, the CK3. It is very practical to use and includes space for the oil pad and receptacle, the crepe rake with water tray and the 2 spatulas. The professional crepe makers are easy to clean, and the accessories can be simply wiped clean with a sponge. After each use, wipe the abrasive stone in a circular motion over the crepe wheel. Today, gourmets and food lovers can enjoy the quality of the French-made Roller Grill at home to delight young and old alike. Take advantage of every opportunity to make sweet or savoury crepes: Candlemas, pancake parties with friends and birthday parties!