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Professional induction hobs

Do you need to control cooking to the nearest degree and instantaneously? Roller Grill's professional induction hob range will meet all your expectations.



Professional and sustainable induction technology

The induction developed by Roller Grill is a French and professional induction technology with over 28 years of experience.


The integrated components in each plate are extremely robust and resistant. This professional induction ensures a non-stop use at maximum power for 8 hours without automatic shutdown. It is recognized for its durability is 15,000 hours at full power and in all situations even the most extreme ones (from - 5 ° C to + 50 ° C).


3 induction hobs to choose ...

Roller Grill manufactures 3 models of professional induction hobs. PIS 30 and PIC 25 are induction plates with a single cooking zone.

The induction cooktop PID 30 is equipped with a double cooking zone with independent control.

Thanks to a high level of electromagnetism differential, these induction hobs offer unrivaled precise cooking. The professional induction cooker “special chocolate” PIC 25 is equipped with a very short calibration for cooking to the degree sensitive products such as sugar, chocolate, caramel, etc.


... and an exceptional offer: Special Induction WOK!

The choice of a special induction pan is as much important as the hob. Roller Grill has therefore decided to design a special wok induction hob (PIW 30) delivered with its wok pan in all stainless steel. Finished the puzzle for the choice of the WOK to the good diameter and with good depth!


The origins of Induction: 

Induction is an electromagnetic process that creates heat and has quickly become part of French culinary history.


The Lenz-Faraday law

Electromagnetic induction is used to name the process by which a variable magnetic field creates an induced current. The Lenz-Faraday law shows that the direction of the current differs according to the variation of the flux, hence the notion of "induced current" and "induction".


Induction in French culinary history

In the history of cooking, the first induction appliance with power regulation dates back to the 1990s. Born near Orleans, this invention opened the door to high technology in the kitchen.



How does an induction cooker work? 

For an induction cooker to perform at its best, it must be of professional quality and used with suitable containers.


The components of induction

A professional electric induction appliance always consists of :


  • A high-temperature glass-ceramic,
  • A coil of copper wire wound and placed under the cooking surface (the inductor),
  • A generator powered by alternating current,
  • A fan,
  • A filter


How to not disturb and use at its best the induction cooker’s electromagnetic field? 

The good circulation of the magnetic field, creating current, is assured by the use of an adequate container meaning a fan, a pot, or stewpot ferromagnetic and flat bottomed. 

The base of this quality and adapted container absorbs electromagnetism and diffuses the heat into the pan.


What happens when an induction cooker is turned on?

The electric current is sent through the inductor (the copper coil). When a suitable container is placed on the glass-ceramic surface, the inductor causes a magnetic field that varies in all directions. This multitude of currents develops in the bottom of the container (the plate). The contact between the plate and the container produces heat. This is why there is little residual heat left once the pan is removed from the cooking surface: the plate is warm.

induction hob

Why choose induction cooking?

Induction cooking has many advantages, which are all the more interesting for you, the restaurant professionals.


  • Speed of execution: Roller Grill induction plates are known for their excellent temperature rise and heat up instantly.
  • Efficiency: induction ensures 95% efficiency (ratio between the energy consumed and the energy converted into heat). You have real control over your electricity consumption.
  • The heating process stops instantly when the pan is removed. You limit or even avoid the use of air conditioning in the kitchen: induction gives off very little heat in the workspace.
  • Safety for cooks: no risk of burns when touching the glass-ceramic plate.
  • Easy to clean: a simple sponge stroke on the plate is enough.


How to choose a professional induction hob? 

Cook with the best utensils on the market by following our advice!



Opt for French high-tech manufacturing

All Roller Grill products are designed and manufactured in France since 1947 for restaurant owners.

Our professional electric induction appliances are composed of a complete induction module developed in France, including


  • A professional generator,
  • fan,
  • removable filter,
  • Long-lasting components.


Roller Grill: the name of the powerful and durable professional induction


Roller Grill professional induction is a range of powerful, durable, and easily transportable induction plates:



Whatever your choice, you will benefit from the robustness and resistance of our range.


Thanks to the quality of our components, you can :


  • use our plates at their maximum power for 8 hours continuously - even in extreme heat situations (50°C) - without automatic cut-off.
  • Stir-fry the pan or frying pan 30-40 mm above the induction plate.


We manufacture for demanding customers. That's why we make it a point of honor to supply high-performance and precise products. For example, the PIC 25 has a very short calibration time for perfect control of the cooking of sensitive foods such as chocolate or sugar.


photo induction hob 

For optimal use, use professional utensils!

In induction cooking, the pan can make or break 50% of the energy generated. The choice of your pot, pan or sauté pan is therefore just as important as the selection of a professional induction cooker.


You should use flat-bottomed ferromagnetic cookware and containers, preferably multi-layered.

Glass, aluminum, or copper containers are not suitable.


Built-in induction: a model in the making

We manufacture four models of professional induction cookers for installation: PIS 30, PIC25, PID 30, and the PIW 30 wok.


For more convenience and perfect harmony in your kitchen, you can opt for the DPI 300 model to be built into a worktop, a kitchen piano, or a buffet.