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Commercial display refrigerators are an excellent way to boost food and drink sales. As a food supplier or retailer, you understand that your profits depend on marketing your product, and how you display your products influences a customer's decision to purchase. Display cases are available in various options, and choosing the right one for your bakery, cafe, restaurant, or bar is the key to increasing your profits! 


Two main refrigeration methods are available for commercial display refrigerators without air curtains.


Forced air refrigeration works by circulating cold air within the cabinet. These units are less costly, but items such as cakes and sandwiches may dry out more quickly. They're best for covered dishes and packaged goods.


Closed display refrigeration utilizes a coil at the top of the cavity that cascades cold air down over the products. This method is best for seafood, raw meats, salads, cakes, and pastries. Closed display refrigerators have glass fronts that may be curved or angled. They reduce glare from overhead lights, so customers can see the items inside. Many models have tilting doors to allow the glass to be cleaned easily.


There are so many chilled display cabinets available that there's sure to be one that's perfect for your requirements. Here, we take a closer look at the best types of commercial display refrigerators on the market today.

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Vertical commercial display refrigerators

Vertical commercial display refrigerators are the ideal option for displaying sandwiches and drinks. They're also perfect for showcasing cakes, salads, and desserts in a patisserie, bakery, or restaurant. Thanks to the glass doors, customers can easily see the available items.


These vertical display refrigerators can be small or large. They're ideal for placing near a counter where customers select other products and where they may be tempted to buy a complementary product from the chiller.


Horizontal Refrigerated Display Cases

Horizontal refrigerated display cases put your products at center stage and come in various designs and sizes to suit your requirements. They're ideal if you want your product to be the first thing customers see. In addition, they're an excellent way of increasing impulse purchases as your products are at eye level. The best way to make this refrigerator work for you is to ensure that the items available for sale are packaged attractively and displayed to draw attention.


Countertop display refrigerators

Horizontal countertop display refrigerators are perfect for showcasing items on a countertop. These types of chilled display cabinets not only keep products fresh and at the correct temperature, but also provide an excellent display space so that customers can see what they're buying.


Multideck display refrigerators

Multideck refrigerators are a type of display refrigerator used in supermarkets and restaurants. They allow you to stack many different products in a single chilled cabinet. Multideck refrigerators are designed with excellent temperature controls, so you can showcase all your products while keeping them fresh.


Bar display refrigerators

This type of refrigerator has a glass door and is designed to fit behind a bar. It is most often installed in bars, pubs and restaurants. With its clear glass doors and optimal lighting, customers can easily see the drinks available. An ideal bar display refrigerator must be large enough to hold many products while being small enough to fit into the available space. So, your bar is always well-stocked, and your drinks are kept at the perfect temperature.


Undercounter display refrigerators

Undercounter display refrigerators are real space-savers! As the name suggests, these refrigerators are designed to slide under standard counters and are a great way to maximize your space. With their clear glass doors, they also give a modern, streamlined look to your establishment.


Patisserie/deli display refrigerators

Patisserie/deli display refrigerators are essential equipment in bakeries and cafes as they're fantastic for showcasing the business's products. In addition, these display cases are also used in restaurants, canteens, and convenience stores to display sandwiches, cakes, and pies for sale.

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Increasing sales with a commercial display refrigerator

Optimizing your chilled food and drink displays will boost sales. These tips will help you make the most of a retail display refrigerator.


  • Display refrigerators are very well illuminated: take advantage of the lighting by positioning the most profitable items accordingly. 


  • Organize the products into categories so that people can see and retrieve the items you offer. Label them if necessary to help people see what they are buying at a glance.


  • Place the display refrigerator in high-traffic areas – the more people who see your products, the more likely you will increase sales of the products you're displaying.


  • Allow self-service where possible, as this is the most convenient way for customers to find and purchase the item they require themselves, saving you time and effort.