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Hot-dog concepts

2 types of professional hot dog machine according to your hot dog recipe!

Roller Grill manufactures 2 kinds of professional hot dog machines according to the types of sausage and bread used.

For a French hot dog, the fresh sausage must be steamed in a glass cylinder. The baguette bread can be toasted on heating pads of this same hot dog steamer.

The real American hot dog recipe involves the use of pre-cooked sausages and hot dog buns. Pre-cooked sausages are simply reheated on a grill with rolls. The buns keep all their soft aspect in a bread warmer.

With the hot-dog steamer or the sausage warmer, your hot dog is ready in 1 minute!

Professional hot-dog machines in all circumstances!

Timeless, the hot dog remains the universal snack! In kiosks, associations or at fairs, sport events etc., hot dog concepts and recipes are multiplying.

Roller Grill offers a wide range of professional hot-dog machines:

- CS0E, CS 2 E, CS 4 E hot-dog steamers equipped with a glass cylinder and heating pads. These hot-dog machines are very compact and sausages can be cooked in advance. This model is often used in railway stations, airports, service stations for a regular daily service .

- The hot-dog warmers RG 5, RG 7, RG 9 and RG 11 hold the precooked sausages at temperature while the hot-dog buns are heated in a bun warmer. This professional hot dog appliance is often used in hot spots or in football or rugby stadiums for a service in a very short time or at a half time.

In each situation, there is a Roller Grill hot dog machine!

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