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Professional fryers

Professional fryers by Roller Grill are specifically adapted to fast food. All electric fryers are equipped with a high performance cold zone. The exclusive range of gas fryers is recommended for installations with limited power consumption such as food trucks and chip shops.

Roller Grill offers the wide range of electric fryers with cold zone!

Table fryers, single or double, with or without drain, modular, on cabinet ... All professional electric fryers are equipped with a cold zone to vary the cooking of fries, donuts, fish etc. without transmission of taste or smell.

Chefs choose the table-top fryer for small portions of French fries and for reasons of space. The double tank fryer can increase the yield in a minimum of space. Roller Grill manufactures more than 10 different models between all stainless steel fryers MF and fryers with black protection sides FD.

The fryer with draining system facilitates the maintenance of the tank safely. In the European Union, the emptying system has become mandatory for any fryer with a volume of more than 5 liters or whose weight exceeds 10 kg. According to the European Standard EN-60335-2-37, any fryer exceeding this volume or this weight can no longer be sold in the European Union but remains marketable outside the European Union.

The RFE 8 D and RFE 12 modular fryers can be placed on a worktop or fixed on the MS-RFG12 cabinet.

Fryers on cabinet can be easily integrated into a large professional kitchen plan thanks to its standard dimensions of 400 x 600 mm. These high-capacity fryers are particularly suitable for fast-food and high-speed restaurant chains.

The range of professional gas fryers, a Roller Grill exclusivity!

Roller Grill manufactures the world's smallest professional gas fryer: the RFG 8! Very compact and powerful, this fryer with double burner will make the happiness of street food and take-away shops!

The modular gas fryer RFG 12 can be placed on a work surface or installed on the MS-RFG 12 stainless steel cabinet.

The freestanding model RFG 16 is intended for use in large quantities.

Gas fryers can be used without basket for frying whole fish and large donuts.

All professional gas fryers are equipped with a secure draining system.