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Professional salamanders

Which salamander for a restaurant?

A salamander is essentially a grill. To be more detailed – it is a high temperature grill mostly used for browning, caramelising and toasting. It also completes the dishes cooking process, and keeps dishes warm at a certain set temperature. Professional salamanders are available in electric salamander or gas salamander versions. They are particularly useful and common in commercial kitchens, since they serve various functions while taking up relatively minimal space. The most prolific chefs appreciate Roller Grill's professional salamanders, due to their specifications which are especially engineered according to catering industry standards. The Roller Grill exclusive salamander system provides multiple cooking technologies, and an innovative energy efficient functionality.


Salamander or toaster oven?

These two devices can perform similar functions. Whether to use a salamander or toaster oven, depends on the type of food you are cooking and your desired cooking process. Salamanders produce higher heat than toasters, and are capable of cooking up any food, from proteins to veggies. They are also commonly used to provide that appealing browned crust on a crème brûlée or a melted au gratin dish. The simple task of toasting bread can also be done on a salamander though. Toasters are not suggested for cooking products from scratch, but are rather used for short bursts of heat on lesser amounts of food without any preheating. Toasters are valuable for reheating, defrosting, browning, baking, broiling…and of course toasting.

What is a salamander in a restaurant?

A professional salamander is an integral piece of restaurant equipment. Besides the stove, it is often the most utilised appliance in a large kitchen. The salamander is used to finish off cooking, gratinate, or maintain the temperature just before sending the plates to the dining room. It will often be located overhead above the cooking range or fixed by means of a wall bracket. The free passage of the vault allows for all sizes of the machine to be used.

photo salamander kitchen

Not to be confused with the toaster!

Unlike a toaster, a salamander's heat source is provided exclusively from the top portion of the salamander. We find no heating element in the lower part. A toaster oven, on the other hand, contains two heat sources per level, i.e., resistors in the upper and lower part. This is for the purpose of toasting bread on both sides. Nowadays, a toaster oven's technology is capable of allowing you to either select a section or the entire resistor system for gratinization of dishes. A salamander grill is also not to be confused with a contact grill.

Roller Grill salamanders possess 2 or 3 heating zones

  • Salamander with 2 heating zones: 2 independent heating zones for electric models. Standard size of 600 mm or the equivalent of a GN 1/1 Gastronorm dish.

  • Salamander with 3 heating zones: largest model with a standard dimension of 900 mm, with 3 independent heating zones for electric models.

 salamander kitchen

The 4 cooking technologies of Roller Grill salamanders

  • Infrared glass ceramics: feature rapid heating and easy maintenance. SEM 600 PDS and SEM 800 PDS models.

  • Incoloy armoured heating elements: temperature stabilization at 400°C. SEM 600 B, SEM 800 B, and SEF 800 B.

  • Infrared gas burners with safety thermocouple. Provides 700°C to 800°C depending on the gas. SGM 600, SGM 800, SGF 800.

  • Infrared quartz: capable of temperatures of 1050°C. Seizing and glazing of dishes without preheating. SEM 600 Q, SEM 800 Q, SEF 800 Q.


Mobile or fixed top Roller Grill salamanders

  • The salamander with fixed roof is equipped with a 4-level grid rack. Salamander models concerned: SEF 800 B, SEF 800 Q, SGF 800

  • The sliding roof salamander allows you to adjust the roof with a simple touch of the hand to the nearest millimeter. Salamanders concerned: all electric salamander models SEM 600, SEM 800, SGM 600 and SGM 800.

 salamander kitchen sem800pds

The Smart Roller Grill salamander

The Roller Grill glass ceramic salamander featuring smart plate detection system is a worldwide innovation! Our smart salamander technology is recognized and appreciated far and wide. The glass ceramic salamander SEM 600 PDS and SEM 800 PDS instantly starts up upon contact of the dish pushing the contact bar, without any electronics or preheating required!


This genius plate detection system facilitates instant cooking and perfect energy control: 400°C in 5 seconds, 570°C on the plate and 35% energy saving! Our revolutionary smart technology is designed and constructed for all large kitchens, and is available in two different sizes.

  • The electric salamander heater version with armoured heating elements is intended for non-stop usage throughout the day.

  • The electric salamander heater infrared quartz allows seizure and glazing of dishes without any need for preheating.

  • The gas salamander is equipped with high power double infrared burners.


Our plate detection salamanders are equipped with glass ceramic hobs for the easiest maintenance using a simple sponge. You can take a load off and make your catering tasks much more streamlined, by contacting Roller Grill for your smart kitchen salamander today!