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Professional pizza ovens

Roller Grill has designed 3 professional pizza ovens for space and use. These very compact deck ovens have the particularity of having a double regulation. This innovation Roller Grill offers you the opportunity to cook a wide variety of dishes in record time.

Adapt your professional pizza oven according to the ingredients of the pizza!

Did you know? The perfect cooking of a pizza is conditioned by the thickness of the pizza dough and the amount of Mozarella in the filling. Only the Roller Grill professional pizza oven will allow you to adjust the bottom and the vault of the infrared oven according to the type of pizza (Neapolitan, Tuscany or "pan pizza" in the American style).

The double regulation of the infrared deck oven: a technological innovation to vary the cooking!

Adjust the heating power of the infrared deck oven and you can also cook a wide variety of pizzas, pastries, flambé tarts, chapatis, pancakes etc.! The regulation of the firestone combined with the infrared quartz makes it possible to cook your fresh or frozen pizzas in 3 minutes!