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Accessories for plancha

Roller Grill has developed a new outdoor cooking art “The Planch'Attitude ®” so that you can fully appreciate the performance of the Roller Grill plancha. The Planch'Attitude ® is to customize its plancha and cook differently thanks to a wide range of plancha accessories.


Roller Grill has provided for you the perfect set of the “plancha Chef” !


To gain in mobility, integrate your plancha in a cart for plancha or put your plancha on a stainless steel sideboard!

The cooking bells for plancha allow to vary the cooking like:  to simmer, to cook with the stew, or to keep warm your meals with the plancha.

Grids for plancha are designed to reserve without risk of overcooking foods already cooked or sensitive to contact-cooking.

The recipe book So good! Cooking with a plancha grill from the star Chef Jacques Thorel  makes you discover original recipes “à la plancha” to delight your guests.

Roller Grill has developed a range of accessories for plancha trolleys for your "barbecue party" in complete autonomy in your garden.


The CHPS 400, CHPS 600 and CHPS 900 Roller Grill sideboards can be equipped with additional accessories:


Gas bottle covers can be easily installed on stainless steel and wooden trolleys

The stainless steel bin, the bottle rack and the condiment holder equip your Roller Grill plancha sideboard and make it a mobile and autonomous cooking unit.

The hinged lid is to be fixed on the plancha: this stainless steel lid reminds the design of the barbecue and especially multiplies the cooking possibilities without the disadvantages of the barbecue.

The protective cover is essential to protect the plancha away from moisture.


Make a choice among these accessories for plancha and trolley and adopt the Planch'Attitude ®!

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