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Accessories for plancha

More than a cooking method, the plancha cooking is a way of life. It is a healthy and dietetic alternative to the classic barbecue, because it requires very little fat. The food is cooked at high temperature in contact with the cooking surface. Roller Grill offers you to customize your plancha down to the smallest details, for a reliable and very pleasant equipment to use outdoors.


Which accessories for plancha to choose?

Our complete range of accessories for plancha allows you to gain in mobility, in variety of cooking, in practicality and thus... in pleasure of cooking! Practice the outdoor cooking that suits you thanks to high-end, reliable and aesthetic equipment!




The plancha cart: the essential accessory for outdoor chefs.

The essential accessory

The essential accessory for a large mobile and multifunctional plancha is the 600 mm stainless steel and wood plancha cart. You can integrate gas or electric planchas with a width of 600mm.


Easy to maintain and aesthetic

Easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing, the cart can be converted into a closed serving tray for plancha. The stainless steel walls prevent splashes and are very easy to clean with a sponge.


With the plancha cart, turn your snack board into a real outdoor cooking station! Carve, prepare, grill and store all your food on this heavy-duty rectangular plate!


The cooking plates are built into the cabinet and a storage area is located under the heating area. For more storage, you can add one or more plancha cart shelves.


The rolling carts feature fold-down side shelves to save storage space.

 the stainless steel plancha cart


A complete cart

On the roller grill 600, a utensil holder is integrated in the side shelf. It can hold all the utensils you need to cook your fish, meat and vegetables: brush, spatula or tongs. The cast iron or enamelled steel plates of the electric planchas are very resistant: you don't risk damaging them when cooking with metal instruments.


Practical and mobile

Practical, the stainless steel plancha cart is the preferred solution for cooking outside and spending a pleasant day in all conviviality. Barbecue lovers can cook outdoors on the terrace or by the pool under their parasol, always close to their guests.


The Roller Grill grill cart with its well-thought-out design fits discreetly into any outdoor living room. With its adjustable feet, it adapts to all types of ground (no matter how uneven) and adjusts to the size of the cook. Thanks to its 4 wheels, the CHPS 900 can be moved easily from one end of your garden to the other, without effort.


Add-on accessories for carts

Add additional accessories to customize the Roller Grill CHPS 400, CHPS 600 and CHPS 900 plancha carts. Get the look you want with plancha cart trim solutions, like the gas bottle cover.

  • Enjoy the convenience of a stand-alone cooking unit, with everything you need at your fingertips thanks to the stainless steel plancha cart wastebasket, stainless steel cart bottle holder and condiment holder.
  • Vary your cooking to infinity with the plancha lid. It attaches to the griddle with a simple hinge system. 
  • Increase the number of cooking methods and recipes by opting for a 400 mm cooking bell for plancha to stew, simmer or keep warm your preparations. Use it with a 600 mm plancha lid to cook all foods without the harmfulness of traditional barbecue cooking.
  • Delight even the most demanding gourmets by offering customized meals with plancha cooking grids. They are designed to reserve without risk of overcooking food that is already hot or sensitive to contact cooking.
  • Add a 600 mm cooking bell for plancha to your equipment and you will be able to really make all the recipes you want. The recipe book Trop Bon ! la cuisine à la plancha by the star chef Jacques Thorel will help you discover original and easy to prepare plancha recipes to delight your guests.
  • After each use, remember to protect your equipment from bad weather and humidity with the protective cover for plancha 1 or 2 fires.

 planch attitude by roller grill


The Planch'Attitude ®: the art of cooking outdoors

To allow you to live and appreciate the performance of its planchas, Roller Grill has launched a new art of living and cooking outdoors: The Planch'Attitude®!


The planch'Attitude ® is :

  1. Using a Roller Grill griddle made in France, combining professional technologies and a very studied design to fit your home or your outdoor.
  2. Customize your Roller Grill with a wide range of accessories: carts, lids, grills, covers, etc.
  3. Improvise and share a more convivial meal, more festive, without any preparation.
  4. Cook differently and mix flavors from here and elsewhere thanks to the recipe book Trop Bon ! La cuisine à la plancha by starred chef Jacques Thorel. 


The Planch'Attitude®, only Roller Grill can offer it to you, so adopt it!


Choose from our selection of griddle accessories to create your own customized griddle board that's just right for you. Adopt the Planch'Attitude® to enjoy your family and friends with perfectly cooked skewers and grills!