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Waffles have a long history - even the Ancient Greeks enjoyed these crispy, fluffy treats. In the US, waffles have been a favourite breakfast food since the days of the Pilgrim Fathers. And in Europe, cafes, food stands and restaurants have provided Belgian waffles for centuries. Thanks to their rich heritage, waffles induce nostalgia for each generation, as they are often a favourite in childhood.


Today, the commercial waffle maker offers an excellent return on investment. 


Waffles are highly versatile; you can serve them hot or cold, sweet or savoury. They are part of the classic American breakfast, and you will often find self-service waffle makers as part of a hotel buffet. Enjoy with maple syrup and bacon, whipped cream, strawberries, or chocolate spread or add blueberries to the batter for a fruity waffle. In addition, waffles offer creative chiefs a blank canvas for their creations - try adding cocoa powder for a chocolate waffle or Matcha powder for a green tea waffle.

 different types commercial waffle makers

Different types of commercial waffle makers

There is a wide range of commercial waffle makers on the market, each making different types of waffles. Here, we take a look at three popular categories: Belgian waffle machines, waffle cone makers and bubble waffle machines. These three types have much in common: they are designed with similar features and mechanisms. You can use the same batter for each kind of waffle or try mixing up different recipes.


The difference between these waffle makers is the shape and size of the waffles their grids produce. For instance, Belgian waffles are around 2.5 cm thick, waffle cones are thinner, and bubble waffles have bubbles or puffs instead of deep pockets. 


Belgian waffles

Waffles are one of Belgium’s most popular specialities. Belgian enjoy their waffles at any time of day, served with a sprinkle of sugar and a cup of coffee or tea. These crispy, golden delights originated in Medieval times, and there’s no sign of them going out of fashion any time soon. And since the 1960s, Belgian-style waffles have also been a favourite treat in America.

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Waffle cones

A waffle cone maker is the perfect companion to an ice cream display freezer. Waffle cones elevate ice cream with their freshly baked taste a crunchy sweetness, providing the ideal treat on a hot summer’s day. 


Bubble waffles

Bubble waffles, also known as egg waffles, originated in Hong Kong and are a relatively new invention. However, these cute little waffles are now seen in major cities in Europe and the US, and the trend continues to grow.


These puffy, crispy treats are extremely Instagrammable, so they are an excellent way to promote a food establishment. Customers will seek out a cafe purely because of their tasty bubble waffles! 


Once baked, you can present bubble waffles in various ways. For example, you can fold them into cone shapes and place them in a sleeve or cup - a technique known as bubble wrap. Bubble waffle cones are an appealing alternative to classic ice cream cones. And you can add not only ice cream in the bubble waffle cone but also fruits, sweets, tiny cakes, chocolate etc.


You can also lay them out flat and use them instead of bread for toasted cheese or other sandwiches. Creative chefs can even separate the individual puffs for innovative appetizers. Culinary artists are constantly dreaming up original new ways of preparing bubble waffles.