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Refrigerated fountains and water coolers

Roller Grill designs refrigerated fountains and all-stainless coolers.

The refrigerated fountains FRP 30 and FRP 35 offer fresh and pure water at will in offices, workshops or waiting rooms.


The FRP 80 and FRP 150 chillers are particularly suitable for canteens, kitchens and self-service restaurants for filling carafes of fresh water.


Discover our refrigerated water coolers for professionals:



Why a mains water cooler rather than a fountain with a tank?

A strong ecological choice

Roller Grill refrigerated water coolers provide unlimited amounts of quality water because they connect to the establishment's city water supply. Since they don't require a plastic tank, they have a very small carbon footprint.


Focus on water quality

The water distributed by our filtering fountains is of better quality than that of fountains with plastic bottles. Our machines are equipped with a filter that guarantees water without bad taste or odor, unlike models with plastic bottles that are used occasionally.


An economical choice

An electric water cooler allows for real savings in your energy consumption. In comparison, water dispensers with bottles are very expensive and can be subject to the risk of supply shortages.


How does a Roller Grill cooler work?

All it takes to get your connected water cooler up and running is a simple electrical connection to a water source.


Our models are equipped with a cooling system to avoid water storage and stagnant water in the tank. In the direct expansion stainless steel fountains of the type AQUA 80 P and AQUA 80, the water circulates without contact with air in a coil which is cooled by a compressor. The water distribution is activated by a foot pedal (AQUA 80 P) or by a solenoid valve and push button (AQUA 80).


Except for the AQUA 30 model, these water dispensers are equipped with a triple-action filter that removes impurities as well as sediment, lime, and chlorine.  With these filtering and cooling water coolers and the Roller Grill coolers you can consume pure and crystal clear water at +8/+10°C continuously.


Which water cooler to choose for your establishment?

Roller Grill technology for health safety

Following the recent sanitary events, Roller Grill has put its know-how at the service of sanitary security by developing a range of pedal water coolers "Covid safe".

contactless chilled water fountain pedal detail aqua150p

They are designed to reach a level of sanitary excellence thanks to :


  • The replacement of manual controls by the activation of a pedal.
  • The elimination of areas in contact with the hands (to reduce the risk of transmitting microbes).
  • The implementation of innovative dispensing systems.


These handfree water coolers allow for remote filling of containers through two types of taps.


The AQUA 80 P and AQUA 150 P pedal models have an outlet spout and the AQUA 35 P has a gooseneck.

It is still necessary to observe hygienic measures:


Wash your hands regularly.

Prefer individual containers: glasses, cups.

Avoid contact between the containers and the refrigerated fountain.


A solution adapted to each need

The legislation requires a self-service fresh drinking water point in public places and workplaces.


Roller Grill offers a complete range of professional water coolers:


  • Water coolers for hospitals: Ehpad, clinics, waiting rooms.
  • Water coolers for restaurants.
  • Water coolers for communities: schools, canteens.
  • Water coolers for companies.


All Roller Grill water coolers are equipped with a copper evaporator to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and germs according to the standards in the hospital environment.


The AQUA 80 and AQUA 150 models can handle a flow rate of 80 to 150 liters per hour. 


Roller Grill offers a 30 litter or 35 litter per hour water cooler with gooseneck for your office or meeting room.

 refrigerated water fountain special company covid pedal aqua80p

How do I clean my refrigerated cooler?

Roller Grill water coolers require regular cleaning of the exterior and maintenance of the internal circuit.


Easy daily cleaning:


  • The tray is liftable and the stainless steel bowl can be machine washed.
  • The exterior of the stainless steel fountain can be simply cleaned with a damp sponge. 


Recommendations for handling the machine:


  • Drain before first use.
  • Descale the water dispenser with a specific product every three months.
  • Disinfect surfaces, dispensing spouts, bowl, siphon and circuit regularly.


Change the microbiological filter once a year or every 5,000 liters.