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Choosing the right professional crepe maker for your restaurant can be a challenging process. To ease your task, Roller Grill has listed for you some of the main questions you need to answer while purchasing your professional crepe maker.

With so many different models and sizes available, it is important to consider the size and other criteria when making your decision. The size of the crepes you wish to make and the type of crepe you will be serving will determine the size of the crepe maker you need.

Additionally, other factors such as output, power, features and price should be taken into consideration. By taking the time to look at these criteria and compare models, you can find the perfect professional crepe maker for your business.

The size of your restaurant will undoubtedly have an impact on the size of the crepe maker you may choose. If your restaurant is small, you may not require a large commercial crepe maker. On the other hand, if you have a large restaurant, you will likely need a larger crepe maker to produce more crepes in a shorter period.

Also, you should think about the type of crepes you will be making. If you will be making thin crepes, a smaller crepe maker with a shallow cooking surface may be sufficient. If you will be making thicker crepes, a larger crepe maker with a larger cooking surface may be necessary. By evaluating the size of your restaurant and the type of crepes you will be serving, you can find the ideal size crepe maker for your business.

Generally, Roller Grill offers you either single or double professional crepe makers. 


The size of your restaurant is the key to choose the right professional crepe maker

When choosing a professional crepe maker, obvious factors should be taken into account. 

 professional crepe maker

When choosing the right professional crepe maker, it is important to consider the size of the restaurant. Based on the size of the restaurant, the crepe maker should be able to accommodate the number of customers and the size of the kitchen. For example, a smaller restaurant may not require a large crepe maker, whereas a larger restaurant may need a larger crepe maker to accommodate the higher demand. In addition to size, the type of crepes being served is also an important factor. Various crepe makers are designed to prepare different types of crepes, such as thin crepes, thick crepes, and even gluten-free crepes.

Therefore, it is important to choose a crepe maker that can make all types of crepes to accommodate the needs of customers.

Finally, when choosing the right professional crepe maker, it should also be taken into consideration the price. Different crepe makers have different prices, and it is important to choose one that fits within the restaurant's budget. Overall, the size of a restaurant is an important factor to consider when choosing the appropriate professional crepe maker. The size of the crepe maker should be adequate for the number of customers, the size of the kitchen, and the types of crepes being served. 

 Crepe machine electric CSE350

The installation and type of connection in your professional kitchen

A professional kitchen needs careful planning and consideration. The type of connection you choose will depend on the size and scope of the kitchen, as well as the resources available. In order to achieve the best outcome, it is important to understand the various types of connections available and how they work. 


The direct-connect system is the most common type of connection used in professional kitchens. Our professional crepe makers use the same system as other utensils. Indeed, their system uses a single pipe to connect all the appliances, such as the refrigerator, stove, oven, and dishwasher. The direct-connect option is the simplest and least expensive option, and it provides the most flexibility in terms of the layout and design of the kitchen. 


Another possible option is a gas-line connection. This type of connection involves installing a gas-line from the main gas supply to the appliances. This option is more expensive than a direct-connect system, but it is more efficient and secure. It also allows for a greater degree of control over the temperature and pressure of the gas flow. 


Finally, a third option is a combination of a direct-connect and a gas-line system. This is often used when the kitchen includes a combination of gas and electric appliances. By combining the two systems, it is possible to control the flow of gas and electricity more precisely, while still ensuring the safety and efficiency of the kitchen. No matter which type of connection is chosen, it is important to make sure that all components are properly installed and maintained. This will ensure that the kitchen is running smoothly and efficiently, and that the safety of the kitchen staff is maintained. 

Double crepe machine gas CDG350


General factors to consider when choosing a professional crepe maker : 


The main factors which will impact your final choice can be the following ones. Nevertheless, note that other reasons might influence your decision.


A qualitative crepe maker :

When choosing a professional crepe maker, it is important to consider the quality of the machine. It is best to invest in a machine which is built to last and is well-crafted with high-quality materials. Our crepe makers are all designed to perform in a professional kitchen. 


Considering the heat source :

Many heat sources are available. Nevertheless, it is important to choose the right crepe maker that will fit your installation. Some crepe makers are powered by gas, while other models use electricity. Make sure to choose a machine that is powered by the source of heat that is most convenient for you. 


The price :

The price is generally what people will base their entire choice on. Considering this fact is, of course, essential. But the price is not reduced by the only amount of money you will spend while purchasing your item. Indeed, the price is also the money you might pay afterwards to repair or replace the machine if you have chosen a low-quality crepe maker.  To make the best choice, ensure yourself to compare prices among different models to find a machine that fits your budget. 


The ease of use :

Finally, you should consider how easy the crepe maker is to use. Look for a model that has user-friendly controls and is easy to clean and maintain. Roller grill, throughout its variety of crepe makers, makes sure that all of them are easy to use and clean. Thought as a professional tool, these crepe makers are made for professional kitchens.