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A successful food supply business depends on marketing and displaying your products attractively. Whether a restaurant, patisserie, bakery, cafe, canteen or bar, choosing the right refrigerator display case can boost your sales. A wide range of display refrigerators is available to suit your requirements, space and budget. 


Refrigerated display cabinets come in many designs. For example, vertical refrigerated display cabinets are upright models available in various sizes, while horizontal refrigerated display cabinets are ideal for a countertop. A feature they all share is allowing customers to see the products they contain via an open cabinet or a glass cover. In addition, refrigerated commercial beverage coolers are ideal for storing and displaying pre-packaged beverages.

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What are refrigerator display cases used for?

Some foods need to be kept at specific temperatures to preserve freshness; this is where refrigerator display cases come in handy. Salads, aperitifs, desserts, sandwiches and cakes are kept cool and fresh. These chilled cabinets can also be used to display foods such as fish, meat and dairy items, and you will often see them in hotels, food stores, groceries and delis. 


Refrigerator display cases are designed with glass doors or sliding panels, making them easy to keep clean. Retailers can position these chilled cabinets as point-of-sale units or arrange them as endcaps where they will catch the eye of customers. 


Key points to consider when purchasing a refrigerator display case.

Here are the key factors to consider when purchasing a refrigerated display case:



The design of your refrigerator display case is the key to increasing your sales. Refrigerated display cabinets are generally available in two configurations, with straight or curved glass. Which model you choose depends on the style of your establishment and the look you want to achieve. Smooth, sleek curved glass offers a sophisticated look and maximises the display space. These refrigerator display cases are ideal for use on a countertop in a cafe, patisserie or bakery. On the other hand, straight refrigerator display cases are very suitable for delis, groceries and hotels.


As for colour, opt for a refrigerator display cabinet that suits your interior design and makes your products stand out. For example, a black interior will make colourful food items catch the eye. However, local regulations can vary, so check with your local environmental health department to verify requirements before selecting an unusual colour for your refrigerated display case. 


Another point to consider is whether to add end panels or a mirrored interior to your display case. End panels will make your RDC appear fuller and larger, while a mirrored interior will enhance the appearance of your products.

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When choosing a refrigerator display case, the dimensions are crucial. It must be capable of holding all the required items. Check the floor or countertop space available, and determine how much space your products need. Remember to allow for airflow requirements and the access required for models with hinged doors.


The types of products you sell will also affect your decision. For example, a smaller case may be a more suitable option if you’re selling items with a short shelf life. On the other hand, if the cabinet is installed in a deli supplying a wide range of cheeses, meats, and other foods, you may require a larger unit.



The number of shelves in your RDC will determine the quantity and size of the items it can hold. The bigger the cabinet, the more shelves will be included as standard. In addition, the shelves are often adjustable, so you can organise the display to meet your requirements.


The primary purpose of a refrigerator display cabinet is to showcase your products, so it’s crucial to choose eye-catching shelving options. A tiered shelving system allows customers to see items clearly, by pushing them nearer to the front. Glass shelves allow light to filter through so you can display your products more freely than on wire shelves.

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No refrigerated display is complete without illumination. Choosing the most attractive lighting options will make items more visible and boost sales. 


Bright LED lights are highly efficient and save energy by generating less heat. In addition to opting for LED lights for the top shelf, shelf lighting can be used to illuminate each shelf rather than relying on the top lighting.


Additional features to look out for

  • Easy access to your refrigerator display case is essential for frequent cleaning. In addition, a lift-up front panel is easy to keep clean, shiny and hygienic.


  • Night blinds on an open chilled display cabinet keep warm air out and reduce refrigeration costs. 


  • Energy-efficient fans improve the efficiency of your refrigerator display case and will help to lower your energy bills.