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Plancha grill PL collection

PL 600

The range of plancha Roller Grill is designed from the technologies used by catering professionals.

The range of plancha Roller Grill is designed from the technologies used by catering professionals.

To develop a plancha and trolleys range of high quality level for the general public, Roller Grill has differentiated itself by applying professional technologies to an ergonomic design for home appliances and outdoor kitchen. Roller Grill relies on its 40 years of expertise in contact cooking, including the manufacture of gas and electric griddle plates, professional crepe makers and electric barbecues for catering.

The gas or electric plancha grill is now coming to your home!

Already well present in Spain and gradually arrived in FRANCE, the plancha grill has conquered many restaurants in the last 30 years. The Roller Grill range is now recognized and appreciated by the greatest Chefs around the world. From now on, the gas or electric plancha is also at home: on the terrace, in the garden or in your summer kitchen. It's up to you to choose the equipment that suits you for your next barbecue days!

The video "Planch'Attitude®" above allows you to guide you in your choice!

Design enthusiasts will prefer the very trendy plancha grill PL collection with particularly studied and refined design.

The planch'Attitude® or the new art of outdoor cooking!

So that you can live and appreciate fully and simply the performance of these plancha grills by excellence, Roller Grill has launched a new way of living and of outdoor cooking: The Planch'Attitude®!

The Planch'Attitude® is:

- Use a Roller Grill plancha made in FRANCE, combining professional technologies and refined design

- Customize your electric or gas griddle thanks to a wide choice of accessories for big fans of grills ( trolleys, grids, cooking lids etc.)

- Share a more convivial meal, more festive without any preparation

- Cook differently and mix flavors from here and elsewhere with the cookbook Trop Bon! La cuisine a la plancha of the Star Chef Jacques Thorel.