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Did you know that the waffle iron was invented way back in ancient Greece? Needless to say, waffles have been enjoyed the world over for countless generations. And they are still just as popular as they ever were. However, not all waffle makers are created equal – different commercial waffle makers perform different functions. And furthermore, some are indicated for home use while others function as industrial models.


How does the flip waffle maker work?

Flip waffle makers are generally specified for home use, since household appliances don’t generate as much power as commercial units. Their process of operation works as follows: When you pour the batter onto the waffle maker, it starts to spread and cook on the bottom plates. Then you have to flip the machine over allowing direct contact so that the batter pours onto the top plates. This ensures both sides of the waffle brown evenly and cook faster.

 flip waffle maker

Flip waffle makers explained

Please note that flip waffle makers are not recommended for heavy duty, commercial or industrial usage. These home units work well for bubble waffles. Bubble waffles are baked in a mould which contain numerous small circles. You can expect well-shaped, light bubbles which are not full of batter on the inside. Although, it is not really classified as a waffle since it contains no yeast; so it does not swell in the baking process and has a batter texture similar to that of a crepe. These bubble waffles come out light and slightly crispy once baked, and then typically get wrapped like a cone and served with ice-cream, fruit, sweets, etc.

This is opposed to normal waffle batter which will contain leavening agents, such as baking powder mostly or baking soda. Then when the batter gets poured into the waffle iron and the lid gets closed, the batter becomes heated causing the leavening agents to get to work on rising. Large quantities of carbon dioxide gas gets produced which in turn causes the waffle batter to expand. If you add way too much batter, it will keep on rising until it can no longer fill up all the spaces within the waffle iron, and ultimately overflow.

Flip waffle makers are designed to be handled during the baking process for control when cooking both sides of the waffle. However, the flip waffle iron is not meant for whipping up big batches or quantities. There is also no double version available, as is the case with the standard model. Also, a flip version will usually only cook up one single waffle in four minutes cooking time, and still needs to be flipped during the baking process. In contrast, with a Roller Grill GES10 (single) or GED 10 (double) – you can easily bake two or four waffles respectively in only three minutes without doing anything!


Standard waffle makers explained

These professional units do not need to be turned or flipped. They are mostly intended for commercial catering, food circuits, food trades and delis, institutional catering and foodservice. They are very handy for restaurants and tearooms, fairs, food trucks and food stalls. Investing in a professional waffle maker if you are interested in waffle production is essential if you are in one of these industries.

A standard cast iron waffle maker produces a much better quality cooking result. When using a flip waffle iron, you will find you will not have enough power to properly and thoroughly bake the waffles. The cast iron plates provide power from the bottom and the top to cook evenly. This translates to better heat transfer, as well as fast cooking outcomes of approximately three minutes. With a cast iron waffle maker, it is not necessary to control the baking process: You simply pour the batter, close the machine, wait three minutes, and that’s it. So simple!

Roller Grill’s range of professional single and double electric waffle makers are manufactured to the highest standards of quality, and are meant for intensive use. Their cast iron plates are fixed with an efficient power supply under each plate. The plate’s high conduction value facilitates the even spreading of heat for obtaining golden and crispy waffles in just three minutes straight! So, waffles get perfectly cooked in less time with no flipping!


flipping waffle maker for making bubble waffles

The Roller Grill range of waffle irons include:

None of these powerful, commercial waffle maker units need to be turned, flipped, or manipulated in any way. The Roller Grill cast iron mould plates are designed for producing perfect waffles which do not stick to the metal. Each machine comes with a patented dishwasher-safe, stainless steel tray which is placed around the perimeter of the bottom plate. This catches any excess batter, and makes the cleaning up process much less painful.

The Roller Grill range offers a wide variety of cast iron units, including single and double electric models, as well as models that are especially adapted for different purposes. So, our range has you covered no matter what your unique requirements are. The GES 10, GES 20, GES 40 and GES 80 single models share the same characteristics as the GED 10, GED 20, GED 40 and GED 80 double versions. Both single and double models house independent controls and are exceptionally easy to operate.

Single: Single models are equipped with two cast iron moulds containing two imprints for the cooking of two waffles at once.

Double: Double models are equipped with four cast iron moulds containing four imprints for the cooking of four waffles at once.

Roller Grill’s commercial waffle maker equipment is suitable for all types of waffle dough – including fresh, homemade waffle batter, frozen or pre-cooked frozen waffles.

The models that are recommended for traditional, classic Belgian waffles are: GES 10, GES 20, GED 10 and GED 20. Belgian waffle lovers will enjoy the GES 10 model for Brussels waffles, and GES 20 for Liege waffles.

 The GED 40, GES 75 and GED 75 are indicated for round waffle preparation. A circular waffle iron is best for forming round waffles, which can then be shared and cut into four quarters and served on a plate with a topping of your choice, such as ice-cream, chocolate sauce or red berry sauce.

The GES 20 waffle iron has been tested and validated with McCain frozen waffles.

The GES 23, GES 80 and GED 80 are suggested for takeaways and waffles that come on sticks.

Pastry chefs and glaciers will appreciate the GES 40 waffle iron for cone, as you can create ice-cream cone waffles with this model.

In addition, Roller Grill always values inventing innovative cookery and bakery concepts, and furthering culinary technologies and boundaries with its devices. Therefore, our GES 23 and GES 80 models offer something unique and fun, differentiating you from your competitors. The GES 23 corn-shaped waffle iron effortlessly bakes four sweet waffles on a stick which are easy to consume. Guaranteed to be a hit with a younger audience! The GES 80 machine creates salted “lollipop” waffles. So, it would serve you to capitalise on these popular new trends.

Appliance features include: timer, commutator-thermostat 0-300°C, control lights. The units also get delivered with a complimentary cleaning brush.

In conclusion: Flip waffle irons are not exceptionally powerful appliances and are intended for home use only. They are rather suggested for bubble waffles which are not really classified as a waffle. Otherwise, a commercial waffle maker with cast iron plates is highly recommended for their quality of baking and for heavy duty use.

Enjoy your waffling!