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Sales and after-sales service

Where can I buy a Roller Grill product ?

Roller Grill is French manufacturer of cooking and refrigeration equipment for catering. Our two factories are based in FRANCE. We do not sell directly. We have developed a network of distributors in more than 100 countries across 5 continents for the distribution of our products worldwide. Our distributors are at your disposal to answer your request with the greatest care.
To know the distributor of your region, we invite you to send us a message through our contact form. Just tell us your city, your country, your name and the products you are interested in and we will send you by email the details of the local distributor.

Who provides warranty and after-sales service for my Roller Grill product?

Since Roller Grill does not make direct sales of its products, the distributor who sold you the equipment takes care of the commercial guarantee and the after-sales service of your Roller Grill. The duration and terms of the guarantee are determined by this distributing company. We invite you to get in touch with your contact person at the selling company if necessary.
This same distributor manages the after-sales service of your Roller Grill products. The technical service will contact our factory for technical documents or spare parts, if necessary. Outside or under warranty, any technical intervention on your device must be entrusted to qualified people.
Mail order sales companies, e-commerce sites or marketplaces and retailers may also market Roller Grill products. They sometimes claim to sell them with a manufacturer's warranty and a service provided by Roller Grill. Roller Grill does not guarantee the after-sales service and the off-warranty maintenance of its products either on site or in its factories.
For more information, we invite you to read our general conditions of sales: CGV.

J’ai perdu la notice d’utilisation de mon appareil Roller Grill.

We put at your disposal all the notices of our standard devices on our website in the “Service” section: instructions manual.

 Electric products

I received my Roller Grill electric machine with 5 wires at the end of the cable, without plug. How can I plug it in ?

Any product that comes with 5 wires at the end of a cable is a high-powered electric machine that must be plugged into a 380 V three-phase installation. Make sure with an electrician that your facility is equipped for three-phase service.
The three-phase connection of your machine must be carried out by qualified staff according to the following wiring procedure:
- The black wire must be connected to a phase.
- The other black wire must be connected to another phase.
- The brown wire must be connected to the last remaining phase.
- The blue wire must be connected to the neutral.
- The yellow-green wire must be connected to the earth ground.

Gas products

Which gas should I use for my Roller Grill gas machine ?

All Roller Grill gas machines are manufactured and mounted in LPG in the factory. A set of natural gas injectors is delivered with the machine (except for plancha grills PL 400 G and PL 600 G).
The installation, maintenance and any change of injectors of the gas machine must be carried out by qualified staff and in accordance with the regulations described in the instructions manual of the product.

Which pressure regulator should I use ?

Depending on your gas Roller Grill machine (crepe maker, griddle, rotisserie etc.), the type of regulator and especially its thread differ from one equipment to another. We recommend you refer to the instruction manual of your gas equipment.
Gas accessories (bottle, regulator, etc.) are available by resellers, specialized installers and specialist stores.
The installation, maintenance and any change of injectors of the gas equipment must be carried out by qualified staff and in accordance with the regulations described in the instructions manual of the machine.

Cleaning and maintenance :

How should I clean the stainless steel parts of my machine ?

The stainless steel of your Roller Grill appliance is cleaned with a non-abrasive sponge soaked in soapy water. The cleaning ends with the passage of a soft microfiber cloth.
We advise you to strictly follow the instructions in the user manual of your machine.

The plate of my crepe maker / plancha / contact-grill peels off. What is this? What should I do?

1st case: on cold cooking surface of a crepe maker or a griddle

You get ready to switch on your crepe maker or griddle but you notice that the cooking surface has a thin brown and shiny layer that cracks. Contrary to appearances, it is not the coating of your plate that disintegrates or removes. But it is indeed a case of "calamine", namely: different layers of fat and dough that burned successively and then dried. When the plate is in this state, the only solution is to burn the cooking surface with a blowtorch or to use a bottle spray making sure that it is well specified: "food use / alimentary" on the bottle.

This maintenance solution is valid for cast iron, enamelled cast iron, steel or enamelled steel plates.

2nd case : after the use of a crepe machine or a griddle

At the end of the service, you notice that a pasty layer is created on the plate. This is an accumulation of grease and cooking residue on the plate. It is also a calamine effect. To clean your plate, heat up the unit to the maximum temperature during 15 minutes, then unplug the machine, and place some ice cubes on the plate to create a thermal shock. It is then easy to peel off the residue with a scraper or a brush. This icing effect and this thermal shock are possible on sufficiently thick plates (10 mm minimum thickness) such as those of our crepe machines and professional griddles.

This maintenance solution is valid for cast iron, enamelled cast iron, steel or enamelled steel plates.
This process is not possible with our range of plancha griddles PL 400 / PL 600 with a plate thickness of 5 mm. A thermal shock would deform the plate irreparably.

THE solution for a clean and operational cooking plate in all circumstances

In order to avoid both above cases of calamine on the cooking plates of crepe machine, griddle and contact-grill, it is very important:
- to use a reasonable amount of grease on the plate (A well distributed oil evenly on any surface of the crepe maker, griddle or contact-grill. You can also put greaseproof paper on the griddle or in the contact-grill),
- to cook at right temperature of 180 to 220 ° C according to foodstuff without over-cooking,
- and regularly to clean the plate, especially at the end of service.

For regular maintenance of your enamelled cast iron or enamelled steel plates, we advise you to proceed as follows:
- Unplug the unit.
- Let the plate cool for 10-15 minutes.
- Then, on the still hot plate, pour a little fresh water (watch out for the creation of steam) and remove the most important cooking residues with a small triangular spatula.
- Pour some more water on the hot plate.
- Stretch a ball of steel wool so that the bevelled part of the triangular spatula can be placed on the steel wool. By rubbing on the plate with the spatula placed on the steel wool, you remove the small remaining cooking parts which is reduced into dust.
- Finally, wipe the cooking plate with a sponge and a soft cloth, and your cooking plate is like new!

How should I clean the glass ceramic plate of my crepe maker / griddle / salamander or contact-grill ?

A glass ceramic plate is a ceramic plate made of microcrystals dispersed in a glassy surface. This ceramic hob is only used with wooden or silicone heat resistant spatulas. It should be treated like a glass: It is simply cleaned with soapy water and a non-abrasive, damp sponge.

How should I clean the chrome plate of my griddle ?

Chrome Roller Grill plates are steel griddles with a chromed coating of 3 polishing passes. This chromed plate is only used with heat-resistant wooden or silicone spatulas. It is simply cleaned with soapy water and a non-abrasive, damp sponge.

Chrome plates can leave indelible cooking marks. The use of greaseproof paper can reduce this phenomenon.

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For any other question, we invite you to send us a message on our contact form and we will revert to you with the utmost care: contact


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