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Chocolate or sauce warmers

Professional chocolate and sauce warmers: Warm-it solutions from Roller Grill

Roller Grill's professional chocolate and sauce warmers are available in a complete, consistent and multi-functional range: the "Warm-It" solutions. With this high-end catering equipment, you can heat and maintain the right temperature for your sweet and savoury preparations.

What is a chocolate warmer?

An electric chocolate warmer is a professional equipment designed to heat and keep warm liquid preparations such as chocolate spread, caramel, honey and all kinds of coulis. A professional chocolate warmer works on a direct heating system without a water bath. It heats up the container with a dry heating element that surrounds the cylindrical bowl.


The chocolate or sauce warmer is essential for the toppings!

The chocolate warmer or sauce warmer heats up and keeps at the right temperature any type of chocolate, spread, honey, sauces, processed cheese etc.

For your gourmet desserts or at snack time, the electric chocolate/sauce warmer can spread the preparation on your crepes, pancakes, waffles, cakes, ice cream and also sandwiches, and toast. It is an easy solution to apply any type of sauces and is absolutely perfect for your buffets. 

Roller Grill has designed 3 electric warmers WI / 1, WI / 2 and WI DP including a built-in version.




Choose your chocolate warmer: 

Roller Grill has designed the "Warm-It" solutions: 3 models of chocolate warmers to meet all the needs of the catering industry.

  • The WI/1: this electric stand-up chocolate warmer will enhance all your sweet desserts. It comes with two bottles (the second is a refill).
  • The WI/2: double chocolate warmer. Delivered with two bottles, it allows to obtain a better output, multiple toppings and two different toppings for all cakes.
  • The WI/DP: can be installed on a work surface or in a stainless steel cabinet. It is generally used by small professional kitchens such as kiosks, food trucks, at fairs, sports events or on markets...

 chocolate warmer

How to use a Chocolate Warmer?

The Warm It from Roller Grill is THE solution to warm up your most delicious culinary creations. The device comes automatically with two 1L pressure bottles. Very easy to install and use, just follow these steps:

  • Fill the pressure bottle with a flexible spatula and avoid spillage.
  • Insert it into the device.
  • Press the push button and set the thermostat to 75 °C.
  • Preheat for 15 minutes.
  • Set the temperature to 40 °C for chocolate and spread.

The heating part of the electric chocolate warmer is thermostatically controlled. Maintaining the right temperature makes the spread, caramel or cocoa butter smoother


This culinary technique makes it easier to work with toppings and to coat pancakes, waffles, ice cream or cookies with a delicious chocolate coating.  With a 3-way bottle, topping is more precise, economical and hygienic than with a piping bag. It saves time and money for professionals, as it avoids washing utensils such as pans or spatulas. We design useful tools for allowing you to optimize your service and please your customers. 

 chocolate caramel warmer

The Warm-It from Roller Grill is also a professional sauce warmer!

Keeping sauces warm and melting cheese in the same machine is possible!  Using a professional electric warmer in the kitchen means adopting the art of preparing beautiful dishes.

In takeaway, the appliance helps to top preparations such as sandwiches or snacks with melted cheese or hot sauce without ladles or spoons.


All Roller Grill "Warm-It" heaters are used in the same way:

  • The one-litre bottle slot is heated using the dry method.
  • The temperature is set to 60 °C after the preheating phase.

The professional warmer keeps all your liquid preparations at the right temperature thanks to the adjustable thermostat.


Keep your dough cold with the BE 1/3 eutectic container!

The Gastronorm GN 1/3 eutectic container BE 1/3 is equipped with a specific refrigerated casing to keep all kinds of batter in the open air according to hygiene and sanitary standards.

 chocolate warmer

How do I clean my chocolate or sauce warmer?


Once cooled, the machine is very easy to clean:


  • Wash the outer walls with hot water and dishwashing liquid with a sponge.
  • The pressure bottle is machine washable. You may want to clean the plastic cap regularly to avoid any outlet blockages. 


Caution, the device must never be immersed or put under a water jet. If it is not used on the medium or long term, it is recommended to keep it away from humidity.


Roller Grill's Warm-It appliances are the essential equipment for the presentation and elaboration of sweet and savoury delights. Professional quality equipment, they are used for the preparation of gourmet desserts in pastry shops, takeaway service for snacking breaks or for hotel breakfasts.