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From classic Belgian waffles to cone waffles, heart-shaped waffles, waffle tacos, chicken and waffles and waffle sandwiches, waffles are trending at cafes, grills, creperies and restaurants everywhere. Whether served with strawberries, blueberries, whipped cream, chocolate, maple syrup or powdered sugar, they’re now one of the most popular comfort foods and are sure to appeal to your customers. Let’s know more about commercial waffle makers and the variety of their use ! 

Many of us have a domestic waffle maker in our kitchens, but a consumer-grade one is inadequate for a busy food service operation. So what is different about a commercial waffle maker? 

 differences between commercial waffle maker and consumer grade waffle maker

Temperature and ready controls

Unlike a domestic waffle maker, a commercial model must have indicator lights. These lights alert you when the waffle maker has reached the correct temperature and is ready to receive the batter. There will also be a light to indicate when the waffle is baked. Temperature controls ensure perfectly crispy, golden waffles, while ready alerts prevent them from getting overcooked when the kitchen is busy. The indicators are critical on double waffle makers. 


Electrical configuration

Commercial waffle makers are available in different voltages, so you must ensure that the one you choose suits the electrical configuration your restaurant can support.


Another point to consider is the voltage capacity. The faster a waffle maker heats, the higher the voltage. Therefore, waffle makers with 240-volt circuits heat up much faster and make more waffles per hour than consumer-grade waffle makers. However, a waffle maker with a lower voltage may be more suitable for a mobile food stand.


Waffle maker accessories

Waffle accessories boost the efficiency of a commercial waffle maker. Waffle maker accessories include cleaning brushes, drip trays, waffle picks, cone-forming tools, and waffle cone display cases. These are not essential but help boost your kitchen productivity. For example, waffle picks assist you in removing the cooked waffles without spoiling the shape, while drip trays catch excess batter and reduce the time spent on cleaning.


Output of waffles

Depending on the size of your establishment, consider the ideal output of your commercial waffle maker. Waffle makers are available in three types: single waffle makers, double waffle machines and stacked double waffle makers.


  • As the name suggests, single waffle makers only make one waffle at a time, so they are suitable for low-volume use, producing 25 - 30 waffles per hour. 


  • Double commercial waffle makers can produce about 40-60 waffles per hour and have independent settings for each grid. 


 Double waffle iron round GED75

Cleaning and maintenance

Food establishments must maintain a clean, hygienic environment, so a commercial waffle maker must be easy to clean. Non-stick waffle makers are the easiest to clean but are susceptible to scratches and wear and tear. However, cast iron waffle machines are more durable, quick, and easy to clean. Cast steel waffle grids are dishwasher safe but are slower to cook the waffles. 


Storing your commercial waffle maker

Storage is essential if you use your commercial waffle maker mainly during breakfast hours. Many commercial waffle makers have cord winders with cord storage to keep the electrical cord safe and prevent tangles and damage. Storing a commercial waffle maker correctly will prolong its life and create more space on your countertop.