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Professional plancha grill collection

Discover our entire professional Plancha Grill Collection, which is designed either for a personal at-home use or a professional one. To satisfy everyone, either the private individuals or passionate about gastronomy, Roller Grill has created the Planchas PRO range. Composed of top-of-the-range, high-performance, practical and safe equipment, the PRO snack boards can be used with all our plancha accessories. The appliances are available in two energy versions and in several cooking zones.


Discover our Pro planchas and snack plates:


Why get a professional griddle at home?

Thanks to Roller Grill, griddle cooks now have access to professional quality equipment. Cooking on a griddle is a simple, healthy and tasty way to cook. Opt for customized equipment designed for use at home. Moreover, choosing professional equipment guarantees the respect of security norms, and therefore allows everyone to use a premium utensil without endanger oneself. 




The advantages of a professional griddle at home: performance and robustness

The appliances in the Planchas Pro range have the same performance as professional catering equipment. A professional cook would not see the difference !



The enamelled steel gas griddle has the same heating power as restaurant cooking appliances.   This gas model, like the enamelled steel electric griddle, has the same speed and precision of cooking once the plate is hot.


It is one of the most important characteristic. On our gas snack plates and semi-professional electric planchas, the cook prepares the food on a 10 mm thick enamelled steel plate.


The enamel ensures a quick heat-up and easy cooking with just a little oil. The enamelled plate is very robust. It is therefore able to withstand intensive, high volume and high temperature cooking.


The enamelled steel is resistant to friction and is very durable on a long term basis. You can use all your metal utensils without damaging the cooking zones and without leaving scratches on the plate.


The plate can be deglazed if it is very dirty after many cookings. The stainless steel rim limits spills and makes it easier to clean.


The Roller Grill professional griddles are easy to clean: the juice and grease are drained into a removable drip tray with a capacity of 1 litre.

professional plancha grill roller grill

How to choose the right size of PRO griddle?

The planchas with one cooking zone are compact and measure 400 x 400 mm. You can cook for up to 4 people.


The electric griddle models with 2 cooking zones measure 600 x 400 mm. They are equipped with a temperature control system for each zone independently. You can grill fish or meat on one side and fry vegetables on the other for up to ten people.


The large 3-zone planchas have a very large cooking surface of 900 x 400 mm. Equipped with an independent control system, they can be used for simultaneous cooking and for preparing a meal for more than ten people.


In order to take advantage of the professional Roller Grill technology outdoors, all models in the PRO range can be built into a plancha trolley.

 electric or gas griddles

Electric or gas griddles: choosing the right technology

Electric power is best for indoor kitchens, balconies or places where gas is not allowed.


The thermostats and Incoloy heating elements of the 2-zone electric planchas ensure perfect control of the plate temperature. The appliance can reach 3000 watts of power per burner, similar to a restaurant chef's equipment. It comes with single-phase cords (1 cord per zone).


A professional gas griddle has the advantage of being mobile: you can easily set it up or move it to your garden or terrace. The 2-burner gas griddles are connected to a butane or propane gas bottle via a regulator.


A 2-burner gas griddle has a power equivalent to 6000 W. The gas reacts very quickly to any change in the outside temperature. This means that the griddle is always kept at the right temperature. All gas models, up to the large 3-burner gas griddle, have star burners, as in professional appliances. The temperature transfer is therefore constant and even over the heating zone, for perfect and even cooking without heat loss at the edges.


With their attractive and practical design, Planchas Pro fit perfectly into the aesthetics and atmosphere of any home. Enjoy the equipment of top chefs and a healthy, tasty and convivial kitchen.


In gas or electric version, large or small model, the PL snack boards and their accessories will accompany all your barbecue days. Treat your guests to healthy and tasty grilling of all your favourite foods: vegetables, meat, fish....