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Waffle styles

The first thing to consider when purchasing a commercial waffle maker is the type of waffle you are offering. If you love waffles, you'll already know that waffles differ in style because they originated in different regions. For example, there are American waffles, Belgian waffles, Brussels waffles and Liege waffles. There are also cone waffles and bubble waffles, while mini waffles are ideal for snacking. Belgians like their waffles served with powdered sugar, but you can also enjoy them with maple syrup and bacon, a dollop of cream and strawberries, or Nutella - the variations are endless! 


In addition, waffle batter recipes vary. The traditional Belgian waffle recipe calls for flour, butter, sugar, yeast, eggs, and milk combined into a batter similar to a pancake mix, but somewhat thicker and sweeter. Other recipes include whisking the egg whites separately for an even fluffier result. You can also buy pre-made batter mixes and frozen waffles, so it is easy to serve fluffy, golden waffles in just a few minutes.

how many waffles per hour with commercial waffle maker 

Number of waffles per hour

The number of waffles a commercial waffle maker can produce per hour is a primary consideration when choosing a waffle machine - the busier the food stand or cafe, the more waffles you will need to make. 


Commercial waffle makers are available in two types: single waffle makers and double waffle machines.


  • Single waffle makers are ideal for low-volume use. This kind of waffle maker makes one waffle at a time and can produce 20-35 waffles in an hour.


  • A double waffle maker can cook two or four waffles simultaneously and can make about 40-120 waffles per hour. The design of these waffle irons allows separate settings for two different waffles.


Bearing these configurations in mind, the number of servings you need for your cafe or restaurant will determine the style of waffle maker you require.