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Griddle plates

Roller Grill manufactures the widest range of griddle plates. 22 models, hotplates available in 4 materials, 2 energies (gas or electric), 3 dimensions ... Make your choice!

What type of griddle plate for which use?

For a short temperature rise, decarbonized steel of sufficient thickness makes it possible to grill food perfectly thanks to the quality of polishing. The steel griddle plate PSR is available in 3 sizes and 2 energies.

On an enameled steel plate, the enamel gives the steel a better finishing. By its good resistance to friction, the mass enamel facilitates the cleaning of the griddle. The perfectly smooth surface of the plate ensures a direct transfer of heat. The enameled steel griddle PSR is available in 3 sizes and 2 energies.

The chromed steel plate is a steel plate with a chromed coating by 3 polishing passages. This chromium-plated cooking plate ensures a very good temperature transfer. It can only be used with wooden and silicone spatulas. The chrome griddle plate PSR is available in 3 sizes and 2 energies.

Fans of traditional cooking use a cast-iron griddle. The cast iron accumulates the temperature by its thermic inertia. With enough power under the plate, this material restores energy during cooking and even a little after the disconnection of the device. The cast-iron griddle plate PSF is available in 2 energies and 2 sizes.


Customize your professional griddle with a wide selection of accessories!

Cooking lids, hinged lids for steaming, cooking grills, stainless steel, and wooden trolleys... Roller Grill manufactures a wide range of accessories for the use of the professional griddle in the kitchen, in a food truck, or on a terrace.




A wide range of professional planchas and snack plates for healthy, tasty, and fast cooking

Cooking on a plancha is booming: it is a healthy and dietetic cooking, easy and fast, which seduces both catering professionals and consumers. It can be used to cook a wide variety of recipes and all types of food: eggs, meat, fish, prawns, or vegetables.


We have developed a complete range of top-of-the-range gas or electric appliances using materials adapted to professional catering. You can choose an appliance with one or more cooking areas for an optimal adaptation to your working conditions.


Snacking plate or professional plancha?

A snack plate is a technical culinary term used to refer to a cooking plate of different dimensions and materials depending on the model. It can be integrated into the kitchen piano or placed on a work surface in a professional kitchen.


A professional plancha is an expression of Spanish origin used in housekeeping. It has become trendy in the catering world to define in particular the method of cooking by contact on plates as well as the cooking equipment. It is therefore often found in menu descriptions such as "Fish cooked plancha style", "Magret cooked plancha style", "Cooking plancha".



Which technology: electric plancha or gas plancha?

Our range includes appliances available in both energies: Professional Gas Planchas and Professional Electric Planchas.


The gas griddles in our range are equipped with star-shaped gas burners. This arrangement of the burners ensures a perfect distribution of the heat on the surface without any loss at the periphery of the fire.


Our electric griddles are equipped with an Incoloy technology resistance. Very resistant, it takes the form of a coil under the plate. This resistance produces sufficient heating power to obtain a homogeneous distribution of the heat on the plate.

griddle plate

Materials of the Roller Grill cooking plates

In order to offer our professional customers a varied and complete choice, we have designed the cooking appliances of our range with various materials. You can thus choose a plancha really adapted to your needs.



Cast iron for its thermal inertia.

Cast iron is a material with a strong capacity for inertia. It accumulates heat and releases it evenly.


The followers of traditional cooking by contact generally prefer the electric planchas in cast iron for its soft cooking after 15-20 min of preheating.


Our cast iron appliances are available in two energies and two plate sizes: 400 and 600 mm. 


Decarburized steel: the polishing technology

The decarburized steel of the cooking plate is polished and therefore smoother. With a thickness of 10 mm, it allows a better temperature transfer from the cooking surface to the food to be snacked.


Available in two energies and three sizes, our decarburized steel appliances are to be preferred if you are looking for a quick temperature rise: the appliance is ready to use after only 10 minutes of preheating.


Enameled steel for resistance.

An enameled steel griddle has a 10 mm thick cooking plate and requires only 8 minutes of preheating. This enamel coating provides excellent temperature transfer to the cooking surface and makes the appliance very easy to use.


The steel is coated with a friction-resistant mass enamel with a hardness close to that of a diamond. This makes the plates very durable: you can cut food directly on them. You can also deglaze the very dirty plate by scraping it with a spatula without damaging the cooking surface.

griddle plate vegetable cooking


Chrome steel: the best technology for temperature transfer.

A chromium steel griddle is covered with chromium that has been polished 3 times. The chromium layer is therefore about one micron thin for a 10 mm thick griddle. The temperature rise of this type of machine is 7/8 minutes.


These machines have the best temperature transfer despite a certain coloration of the plate during cooking. In our range, you will find chrome steel appliances in three sizes and two energies. You will need to use wooden or silicone spatulas with these appliances in order not to damage the cooking surfaces.


Stainless steel for simplicity of use combined with resistance.

Our stainless steel plates are stamped in one piece and have the advantage of being very easy to clean and use. Food can be handled with metal spatulas without damaging the cooking surface.)


The cooking plate is 4 mm thick and heats up in 8 minutes.


A stainless steel electric griddle offers you the possibility to cook a wide variety of foods in different ways in a homogeneous way.


What sizes of plancha are available?

Our range is available in three sizes: one, two, or three cooking zones.


A single cooking zone: space-saving and performance

 These single-burner cooking appliances are available with any type of hob and in two energy options: electric or gas.


With their small size (40 x 40 cm), these machines fit perfectly in small spaces without sacrificing performance. For example, a simple steel plancha model can cook a wide variety of meats, fish, hamburgers, sausages, vegetables, but also fried eggs or omelets.


griddle plate healthy cooking 686905 

Two cooking zones for more efficiency.

On these snack plates, the two fires are independent and each cooking zone measures 60 x 40 cm.


Choose a gas griddle with 2 cooking rings for a temperature rise of around 8 minutes or a griddle with 2 cooking zones (electric), recommended for restaurant trucks.


Three-burner appliances for large quantities.

The 3 fires ensure a homogeneous distribution of the heat. Each cooking zone is independent and the total surface measures 90 x 40 cm.


Available in two energies, you can choose a gas griddle with 3 burners and its star-shaped hearths, guaranteeing a distribution of heat over the entire heating surface, or an electric snack plate with its Incoloy coil technology.


A large choice of accessories for professional planchas

Our range of snacking equipment meets and adapts to the needs of all catering professionals. That's why our machines can be customized with accessories benefiting from the same quality of design and French manufacture.


  • The CHPS 400/600 wooden and stainless steel carts make your machines more mobile. They are generally used for takeaway sales. For an establishment with a terrace, they allow you to install an outdoor kitchen during the grilling season.
  • Vary the cooking with the 400 and 600 planchas. The cloche allows you to stew your vegetables. If you complete your plancha with a hinged lid, you can do the same stewing while making your snack board a real barbecue.
  • The cooking grids make it easy to prepare tomatoes and potatoes in their skins.



How does a griddle or plancha work?

Whatever the material, the size, and the type of energy chosen for your griddle, it is necessary to know certain gestures which ensure the well functioning of your equipment.


  • Preheat the cooking surface: a preheating time of 10 minutes is essential for the good seizure of food.
  • Add olive oil: to prevent food from sticking and burning on the surface of the plates, always add a dash of olive oil.
  • Avoid cooking at full power. There is no need to cook at maximum power, cooking on the plancha varies between 180 and 220°C depending on the food and the recipe. A frozen product is cooked at 250°C maximum. It is possible to vary the cooking and temperatures regardless of the size of the plancha.
  • Collect the juices and grease in the removable tray for easier and more efficient cleaning.

shrimp griddle plate cooking

How to clean your griddle?

Our griddles are very easy to maintain regardless of the model.


Before any maintenance, always turn off and unplug the griddle.


In the case of a cast iron, steel, steel enamel, and stainless steel griddle: on the plate still warm, simply pour a little water and washing up liquid and scrape with a spatula.


For a chrome griddle, you must use a wooden or silicone spatula resistant to heat.

In the event of very dirty plates, deglazing is possible on plates of 10 mm thick or more. To do this, simply :


  • Pour cold water on the still hot plate to create a thermal reaction
  • Remove cooking residues more easily with a spatula or a sponge
  • Finish with warm white vinegar to neutralize odors and restore the shine of the plate.


The cooking juices and cleaning water are drained into the removable, machine-washable grease trap drawer.

Stainless steel and chrome plating tend to brown after cooking: these cooking marks are indelible.

Our range of snacking equipment and professional planchas is the most complete on the market. You can choose top-of-the-range equipment and 100% French manufactured which answers as closely as possible to the operating needs of your professional activity.