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Display refrigerators are defined as commercial chiller cabinets or refrigerators with glass doors: they keep food items fresh while allowing customers to see and retrieve them easily. They are available in vertical or horizontal styles, with both designs featuring glass doors, and come in a range of sizes. 


Vertical refrigerated display cases are available with a single door, double doors or triple doors, each with increasing capacity so that whatever the size of your business, you can find a display refrigerator to meet your requirements.


Horizontal refrigerated display cabinets and under-counter display refrigerators usually have a single door. However, an option of a sliding door is also available. 

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Glass-doored display refrigerators are usually placed in front-of-house areas, where they are used to present food items to customers while keeping them at the appropriate temperatures. While most refrigerated display cabinets are designed for this purpose, display refrigerators suitable for commercial kitchens are also available. These glass-doored units operate effectively under the higher ambient temperatures typically found in busy commercial kitchens. Whether with single or double glass doors, they allow for quick retrieval of items during busy periods. 


Multideck display refrigerators are very spacious and allow you to display a large number of items for sale. They come in various sizes, so you can choose one that meets your needs exactly. These display refrigerators are ideal for restaurants, shops, canteens and leisure centres. The taller the chiller cabinet is, the more products you can showcase. However, they also take up a lot of space in your establishment. 


Capacity and size

Capacity and size are closely linked. The larger the refrigerator, the greater the potential capacity. A survey of the space available will determine your choice of a horizontal or vertical display refrigerator. 


It’s essential to measure the space intended for the equipment carefully, taking into account the space required for airflow and for access to open and close the doors. Before purchasing your display refrigerator, measure the access points of the building, including any obstacles, tight corners or narrow corridors that may present a problem during the delivery of the equipment. 

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Standard under-counter display refrigerators are under 90 cm in height, with widths up to 61 cm and depths up to 67 cm, including handles. They can slot under existing worksurfaces and countertops to make the most of the space available. The capacity of these models ranges from 105 to 170 litres. 


Vertical refrigerated display cabinets, as the name suggests, are tall, freestanding refrigerators with single, double or triple glass doors. The maximum dimensions of these models are 205.5 cm x 207.9 cm x 80 cm. They can provide a capacity of up to 2050 litres.



The number of shelves in the display refrigerator directly relates to its size and capacity. The larger the fridge, the more shelves will be supplied as standard. Shelving is often adjustable to allow the organisation of products to suit your needs.


Another consideration is the material of the shelving. The shelves must be robust enough to strong enough to bear the weight of your products without bending or bowing. Vertical display refrigerators usually offer from 3 to 12 shelves, while horizontal models may have 1 to 3 shelves. Some display refrigerators suitable for use in busy commercial kitchens are GN or gastronorm-compatible. They allow you to move multiple dishes or ingredients in one motion, which is ideal for situations where time is of the essence, for example, during a busy lunchtime service.


Small or large display refrigerators?

As a general rule, most small food supply businesses—from shops and market stalls to cafes and restaurants—need between 10 and 20 cubic feet of storage space. However, this will depend on the type of products. For example, if you are supplying fresh seafood, you may prefer a refrigerator with more storage space or separate storage drawers. 


Busy restaurants also need large display refrigerators with plenty of room to store food at specific temperatures. They are designed to keep food cool and fresh while allowing people to view the items for sale without opening doors or digging through shelves. Many food establishments always store their coldest items in display fridges to showcase their best products without them spoiling.


However, while display refrigerators with a large capacity can hold more items, a small refrigerated display unit may be more suitable for your business. These models are ideal for displaying chilled food and drinks in cafes, bakeries, bars, shops and restaurants. Stylish glass front designs allow customers to see the tempting items within; they also bring an elegant look to the establishment. 


Small refrigerated display cases are designed to fit into establishments where space is an issue, sitting neatly on a countertop or fitting into a small space behind a bar. And as they are small, they use less energy, saving you money.