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Gyros grills

How to Choose Your Professional Gyro Grill/Kebab Machine/Kebab Spindle

Since at least the first century BC, man has been roasting meat on a spit! These contraptions were obviously rotated using human power. The difference nowadays is thankfully we have convenient cooking equipment which does all the hard labour for us! The gyro grill is a versatile appliance which can be used to cook and reheat a wide variety of recipes.


There are a few different terms of origin which refer to the same cooking instrument: a vertical grill that cooks lamb, beef, pork or poultry on a single rotating spit. The gyro grill can also be referred to as a kebab grill, shawarma grill, vertical rotisserie or döner kebab. The large piece of spit-meat gets cut vertically into thin slices to create a Greek dish, a kebab plate, or sandwiches with pita bread, wraps or Turkish durum. The vertical spit can be replaced by a set of meat or fish skewers to vary the cooking.


Three Criteria to Choose the Right Gyro Grill Based Upon Your Needs

Energy Source: Gas or Electric Model

Gas gyro grill models: Gas power is commonly found in a gyro grill. Gas reacts quickly and is flexible, especially when it comes to nomadic catering such as restaurant trucks, food stalls, kiosks, markets and so on. In this manner, you also get to avoid expensive and/or limited single-phase electrical consumption. The Roller Grill gas gyro grill models are equipped with adjustable butane-propane burners and safety thermocouples.


Electric gyro grill models: Electric machines allow for slow cooking of kebab meat and gyros. The Roller Grill electric gyro grill models are equipped with armoured heating elements and firestones to concentrate the heat on the meat. Each heating element can be individually regulated at full or half power. The kebab machine GR 40 E is single-phased, while the other models with a higher capacity require a three-phase installation.


The Meat Capacity

The meat capacity depends on the size of the machine and the spit:

  • Small spit: 15 kg of meat
  • Intermediate spit: 25 kg of meat
  • Large spit: 40 kg of meat


The Motor Position: Up or Down

Many kebab and gyro grill machines are designed with the motor at the top which is a big mistake! When the heat gets released from the gyro grill, it intrinsically rises to the top of the spindle and tends to overheat or even burn the motor, which then has to be changed every year or even twice a year!


Roller Grill manufactures their kebab machines with the motor located in the lower portion. Thus, there is no need to change the motor so frequently! The motor is mounted on stainless steel ball bearings to avoid the jolts and the overweight of the meat spit, and is supported by a hermetic cover to prevent any infiltration of juice or grease into the engine. Kebab grills are designed for intensive use and if it should no longer work, a locking claw on the spindle can be removed to rotate it manually.


How to Use Your Commercial Roller Grill Gyro Grill/Kebab Machine/Kebab Spindle

  1. Place the meat carrot on the base.
  2. Adjust the heat source backsplash according to the volume of meat: two knurls allow you to fix the back of the grill at a good distance from the product to be cooked.
  3. Press the switch on the front panel and adjust each heating zone using the buttons on the side of the backsplash.
  4. The meat spit turns automatically by itself and cooks evenly.
  5. Depending on the number of people between two cuts of meat, you can increase the heating power to speed up cooking or reduce it to keep the meat carrot warm.
  6. When the meat spit is reduced, the heat source should be brought closer to the meat with the help of the fixing knobs.


Which Accessories are Needed for my Gyro Grill/Kebab Spit?

Roller Grill allows you to customize your kebab and gyro grill according to your specific requirements!

  • Electric knife to cut meat into thin strips effortlessly. A plug on the machine is provided for this purpose.
  • Stainless-steel meat shovel to gather the sliced meat to be placed inside the sandwich or on the plate.
  • Stainless-steel protection tray to avoid the possible falling of meat outside of the stamped bottom plate.
  • Stainless-steel reflectors to concentrate more heat on the meat carrot.
  • Rounded glass doors for a beautiful display of the spit (GR 60 E and GR 60 G models).


Different spits to diversify the cooking on the vertical spindle:

  • A second spindle in reserve for restaurants with high throughput: kebab meat carrots (mutton, veal, turkey, beef) or Gyros (pork, lamb, chicken).
  • Vertical rotisseries with special spits (optional) for whole poultry (chicken, guinea fowl, etc).
  • Meat or fish skewers with optional special skewer kit.


How to Clean my Gyro Grill/Kebab Grill

Firstly, make sure the gas or electrical supply is switched off, and allow the unit to cool down completely before commencing with any technical or cleaning work. Please note that the stamped bottom dish, the motor support cover, the spindle and the bib protection options are removable for easy cleaning. Also, the bottom plate is slightly inclined to facilitate evacuation of the juices and fats into the removable tray. Regularly clean the external walls of your gyro grill with hot water and dishwashing liquid, but avoid using abrasive sponges. Then rinse your appliance with a damp sponge or dishcloth. Make sure to never clean the unit under a water jet, as water submersion could damage it irreparably. If not used for a long period of time, we strongly recommend keeping the gyro grill away from moisture.