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Plancha grill collection


What is a plancha grill ?

A plancha grill is a flattop grill that resembles a griddle, but performs somewhat differently on account of the heat source. Initially considered as an alternative to home barbecues, the plancha is gradually replacing any grill that comes into direct contact with the flames. Cooking with a plancha is much healthier, since the food has no direct contact with the heat source. The electric or gas plancha can be used to cook all types of food at once, using a minimal amount of oil or grease.



Definition and origin of the plancha

Plancha – A Spanish word literally meaning “cooking plate”. The plancha was hugely popular in the 19th century in Spain and Southern America. It was primarily brought out during religious gatherings and pilgrimages, as a huge plate which was placed on the fire for various types of cooking in generous quantities.


New 21st century plancha trends!

As we know, the plancha has been present in Spain for ages, and has gradually arrived in France. Over the last 30 years, the plancha grill has conquered many restaurants. It has now become a real trend in the catering and hospitality industry. Nowadays, “plancha” not only refers to the cooking equipment, but also defines the cooking method itself i.e. grilling at high temperatures on a hot plate.


Searching for new recipes and innovative cooking techniques, chefs developed the concept of the plancha further. Catering professionals have been making use of a commercial plancha grill integrated into large-scale kitchens since the 20th century. At the beginning, the term "snack" (griddle) was used. However, depending on the region, the term "professional plancha grill" became more common than "snack line" or “griddle”.


Plancha cooking has also become popular at home barbeques, where family and friends can gather around the fire with a drink and chat while the food cooks! It’s like having a kitchen outdoors, where you can be out in the fresh air.

Plancha grill

Roller Grill home plancha is based on professional technology

The Roller Grill range of plancha for the home is designed from industrial and commercial plancha grill technologies, which are used by catering professionals. Now, the gas or electric plancha grill is coming to your home!


Roller Grill relies on its 40 years of expertise and experience in contact cooking, including the design and manufacture of professional electric and gas griddle plates, professional crepe makers, and electric barbecues for catering. The Roller Grill range is now recognized and appreciated by the greatest chefs around the world.


In order to develop the best plancha grill and trolleys range of a high-quality level for the general public, Roller Grill has differentiated itself by applying professional technologies to an ergonomic design for home appliances and outdoor kitchen ranges. The gas or electric plancha is perfect for the terrace, patio, garden, backyard or summer kitchen. It's up to you to choose the equipment that best suits your lifestyle for your next barbecue day!


The best plancha grill for home

All Roller Grill home planchas possess mass-enamelled steel plates which are smooth, and ultra-resistant to scratching and rubbing. These plates enable exceptional contact cooking for direct heat transfer. The enamelled coating makes usage, cleaning and maintenance extremely easy. The juices and grease drain into the removable drawer, which can simply be popped into the dishwasher. It is even possible to use metallic spatulas without harming the plate.


The versatile griddle plate can grill a wide variety of meats, burgers, sausages, fish and vegetables, but also fry eggs and omelettes. On the double models, you have independent control of both cooking zones. For example, it is possible to grill meats on one side at high temperatures, and to simmer vegetables at low temperatures on the other side of the plate.


Electric plancha grill: 

Roller Grill uses the same powerful coil-shaped Incoloy heating element as in its professional crepe machines, providing homogenous heat distribution across the entire cooking plate. The thermostat precisely regulates temperature control.


Gas plancha grill: 

Powerful star-shaped burners with 8 branches, such as those used in professional crepe machines, supply even cooking temperatures across the whole cooking surface. The gas plancha is also equipped with a safety thermocouple: in case of any dysfunction or gas leak, the thermocouple automatically stops the griddle.

Plancha grill with 3 cooking zones

Plancha Grill Collection

Design enthusiasts will appreciate the trendy plancha grill PL collection for its elegant design.


Collection PL 400/PL 600: A 4-mm-thick enamelled steel plate which is stamped in 1 piece. Therefore, very easy to clean in the corners.


Collection PSR 400/600/900: A 10-mm-thick plate with a stainless steel frame. Used as per in restaurants for professional and heavy-duty usage. Ice-deglazing is possible in case of extreme dirt.


The planch'Attitude® or the new art of outdoor cooking!


Roller Grill has launched a new way of living with outdoor cooking – The Planch'Attitude®! Now you can live it up, and fully appreciate the simple but brilliant performance of these plancha grills in the comfort of your own home!


The Planch'Attitude® Features:

  • The Planch'Attitude® is a Roller Grill plancha which is made in France, combining professional technologies and refined design.

  • Share a more sociable and festive meal whenever you wish, with less preparation times and lengthy clean-ups like cooking in a normal kitchen.

  • Experiment and explore with mixing flavors and styles with the Trop Bon cookbook! “La cuisine a la plancha of the Star Chef Jacques Thorel."


Customize your electric plancha grill or gas plancha grill with a wide selection of accessories!