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Professional contact-grills

The contact grill is the electric grill essential in fast food, bakery or caterers. This meat or sandwich grill is used for all snacks: hamburger steaks, buns, panini, focaccia, wraps, cakes, Swedish breads etc. This is the flagship product of the take-away at Roller Grill!

Each sandwich has its cast-iron contact-grill by Roller Grill!

The cast-iron contact-grill SAVOYE is an electric grill to toast small sandwiches such as buns, wraps, blinis, focaccia, Swedish breads etc. This electric contact-grill can also be used as a meat grill for chopped steaks.

The great specialists of panini sandwiches use the contact-grill named PANINI. The cast-iron plates of the panini machine respect the exact dimensions of this Italian sandwich: a length of 33 cm.

The MAJESTIC and DOUBLE PANINI contact-grills are particularly studied for fast-food restaurants, franchises and high-speed establishments. These sandwich grills and meat grills make it possible to toast and to cook in large quantities and to alternate cooking.

The cast- iron contact grill PANINI XL 2-in-1: a Roller Grill exclusivity!

Roller Grill reveals the cooking solution with the Panini XL 2 in 1! This extra-large contact-grill has 2 functions:

- The panini grill function to toast the typical Italian sandwiches, as well as buns, wraps, pancakes etc.

- The griddle function: a plancha grill appreciated for the cooking of steaks and also omelettes, eggs on the dishes, fish, shellfish, vegetables etc.

This multifunction contact-grill is the cooking solution of all your snacks!

The glass ceramic contact-grill for a fast service on demand!

The glass ceramic hobs of the contact-grills PANINI VCL and MAJESTIC VCL allow a rapid temperature rise with little power. The glass ceramic contact-grills thus ensure an even cooking without release of smoke. These sandwich grills can be used without extractor hood.

Roller Grill has also designed a glass ceramic griddle PS 400 VC.