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Design oven collection

The range of Roller Grill design ovens is made of infrared ovens. What is infrared quartz cooking?

The infrared quartz is an Alferon heating element in a siliquartz tube for cooking as in the embers (1050 ° C) without preheating, without smoke or odor.

Infrared keeps the water naturally contained in food and prevents any oxidation of fat. Thus, the food keeps all the nutritional flavors, their taste and their soft aspect. Your dishes are more digestible and do not lose in volume.

Quartz tubes emit an invisible and harmless infrared radiation (1050 ° C) that is similar to that emitted by embers. Infrared comes into the flesh and turns into heat at core. This regular cooking respects the molecular structure of foods and their fibers.

Infrared is the ideal technology for roasting poultry, grilling or cooking meats, fish, vegetables, cakes, browning pastries, gratin pizzas, lasagna and other gratins.

Stainless steel ovens MR 260, MR 341 and CH 300 are essential for infrared cooking.