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A commercial waffle maker is essential for your coffee shop or restaurant! Customers love these warm, sweet treats served with whipped cream, strawberries, and chocolate - or simply enjoyed with a sprinkle of crunchy sugar. 


What are Belgian waffles ?

Belgian waffles are thicker and lighter than the American version. These crispy golden beauties have extra deep pockets, perfect for filling with jam, butter, or maple syrup. Recipes sometimes include whisked egg whites to provide a fluffy texture. Waffles are easy to make; follow the steps below for classic restaurant-style Belgian waffles.

 make classic restaurant style belgian waffles


Plain flour, 250 grams

Eggs, 4 large

Milk, 500 ml

Caster sugar 25 grams

Unsalted butter, 50 grams

Vanilla extract, ½ teaspoon

Salt, 1/2 teaspoon 

Baking powder, 2 teaspoons 


Switch on your waffle maker and set it to the recommended temperature. If you have a commercial waffle maker made of cast iron, cook the waffles for two minutes at 365° to 370° F (185° to 187°C). This is the maximum temperature before the sugar starts to burn. If your waffle maker is a domestic model, heat it to 375° F (190°C) and cook for four or five minutes. Don't be tempted to open the lid before the time's up!


This quantity of batter makes about six large Belgian waffles, but the yield will depend on the size of your waffle maker.

 Double waffle iron round GED75


  1. Add sugar to egg yolks.


Take two large bowls and separate the eggs, placing the yolks in one and the whites in the other. Set aside the egg whites for the moment. Now add the sugar to the yolks and mix thoroughly. 


  1. Add the rest of the liquid ingredients.

Add the melted butter, milk and vanilla extract. Use a whisk or mixer to mix well together. 


  1. Add dry ingredients

Sift together the flour, salt and baking powder. If you don't have a sieve, lightly whisk the dry ingredients to mix them together before adding them to the liquid mix. Whisk them lightly - don't use an electric mixer, as you don't want to mix the batter too much. 


  1. Whisk the egg whites.

Whisk the egg whites until stiff - this means beating them until they're full of air bubbles and stand up in snowy peaks. For this job, you can use a hand whisk or an electric mixer with a whisk attachment.


  1. Fold in the egg whites.

Next, use a spatula or large metal spoon to fold in the egg whites gently. They ensure bigger, fluffier waffles. Again, don't over mix as this will knock the air bubbles out of the batter.


  1. Pour batter into the waffle maker.

Your waffle maker will probably have a light that comes on when it reaches the correct temperature. Spray the waffle iron with cooking spray or brush lightly with melted butter. With this recipe for six waffles, you should only need to grease the containers for the first ones. Make sure to use cooking spray on your waffle maker the first time. Pour in the batter, close the lid and wait a few minutes for the waffles to turn crisp, golden brown and delicious. 


  1. Choose your toppings

These classic Belgian waffles are delicious dusted with powdered sugar, but you can serve them with almost anything you fancy! Some of the most popular topping choices include whipped cream, strawberries, chocolate sauce, blueberries, bananas, ice cream and Nutella. You could also fold chopped bananas or other fruits into the batter at step 3 to make fruity waffles!


You can also enjoy them with savoury toppings. Add bacon, ham, eggs, smoked salmon or grated cheese for a tasty brunch dish.


Bon appetit!