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Professional sterilizer

Discover our electric and professional UVC sterilizer:


Why should we use a professional UVC sterilizer?

There’s no doubt: the sun's rays have a strong disinfecting power. More specifically, the reproduction of natural light by ultraviolet (UV) lamps is already widely used to eliminate harmful microorganisms, particularly in the medical sector and in the environment. In the light of the coronavirus pandemic, UV radiation has become an indispensable technology for fighting the spread of the virus. After an introduction to UV sterilization, Roller Grill explains why you should use a professional UVC sterilizer in your restaurant or point of sale. Let’s fields of application, it’s really impressive!


What is sterilization by ultra-violet (UV) treatment?

Sterilization by UV treatment, a simple and environmentally friendly technology

UV sterilization is a purely physical and natural treatment. It kills bacteria by exposing them to a specific wavelength of UV rays as the sun does on our planet. This simple technology thus reproduces the bactericidal action of natural light thanks to UV radiation lamps. Used without the addition of chemicals, this sterilization method is environmentally friendly.


A disinfection process tried and tested for many years.

The work of Dr Niels Ryberg Finsen, a Danish doctor and winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1903, showed the power of disinfection and the treatment of some diseases by light radiation.

At the same time, ultraviolet rays were already known for their mutagenic action on micro-organisms in water treatment.

Especially in the 1960s, UV decontamination was developed to improve the quality of water quality eliminating microorganisms. The action can be threefold: filtering, purifying and sterilizing waste water or water from any source.

For some decades now, UV lamps have also been used for air disinfection and surface sterilization in laboratories and hospitals.

Nowadays, the food industry uses the UV disinfection process to destroy micro-organisms present on machines such as conveyor belts, but also to better preserve stored fruit and vegetables before delivery to warehouses.


UV sterilization with effective properties

The operation of UV sterilization, although unknown, is very easy to approach and understand.


UVC rays are germicidal

Ultraviolet rays belong to an electromagnetic spectrum divided into 3 parts. Depending on the wavelength, the rays act differently:

  • UVA rays - from 315 to 400 nm - are known for skin pigmentation.
  • UVB rays - from 280 to 315 nm - produce vitamin B.
  • UVC rays - from 180 to 280 nm - destroy micro-organisms.

UVC rays are germicidal at a wave length of 253.7 nm. In other words, they destroy germs and micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria, yeasts, molds and algae.

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Ultraviolet radiation produces destructive photochemical reactions.

At a wavelength of 253.7 nm, ultra-violet radiation acts directly and instantaneously through photochemical reactions on the DNA of microorganisms. It dissociates the DNA molecules, creating mutations and inactivating the cells. Pathogenic micro-organisms become harmless and are destroyed.


The dual function of disinfection and sterilization

Depending on the duration of exposure and the quantity to be disinfected, it is a question of disinfection or sterilization. Disinfection assumes that the few microorganisms remaining after UV treatment are not sufficient to trigger a disease. Sterilization is when all the micro-organisms are killed. This stops the spread of bacteria or viruses.


UVC lamps are remarkably effective

UVC rays are generated by very special types of lamp: mercury vapour lamps or LED UVC lamps. These highly efficient fluorescent lamps emit germicidal radiation with a wavelength of 253.7 nm without altering the properties of the product. The germicidal efficiency of a UVC lamp varies between 90% and 99.99% depending on the dose of UVC radiation (in mJ/cm-²), i.e. the amount resulted from the lamp power by the exposure time.

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What is a professional UVC sterilizer for?

The tried and tested UVC sterilizer has just been introduced in hospitality.


The performance of a professional UV sterilizer: UVC 120 Roller Grill

Complete sterilization without additional handling

Roller Grill launches the first professional UVC sterilizer with dual ultraviolet radiation sources. This professional quality sterilizer allows complete disinfection of all types of objects (plates, dishes, kitchen utensils, room keys...) without turning them over.


99.99% elimination of all pathogenic micro-organisms

Roller Grill's professional UV sterilizer eliminates 99.99% of pathogenic micro-organisms: bacteria, viruses and yeasts. The power of both UV LED lamps combined with an exposure time of 7 minutes ensures the destruction of germs and all pathogenic micro-organisms on the objects presented in this professional equipment.


The different professional applications

A professional sterilizer ideal for the hotel and catering industry

The professional electric sterilizer UVC 120 Roller Grill is designed primarily for decontamination of:

  • cutlery, kitchen utensils, plates or various dishes widely used in restaurants,
  • but also classic or magnetic hotel room keys.

This professional sterilizer is an essential electrical equipment for hospitality in the framework of the good respect of sanitary measures.

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A sterilizer also intended for professionals in other sectors

This UV sterilization unit is perfectly suitable for professional use in other industries, such as:

  • In the medical field: The UVC 120 Roller Grill medical sterilizer can be used in hospitals, but also in dentists' offices for sterilizing dental utensils.
  • At opticians: this UV lamp sterilization system can be used to disinfect sunglasses and glasses after customer trials.
  • At hairdressers: the professional UVC sterilizer eliminates micro-organisms present on hairdressing accessories (scissors, tweezers, combs, clippers, hair dryers, etc.).
  • In jewelry: in the back shop, the UVC germicidal sterilizer is an essential disinfection equipment after the testing of various jewelry items such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings...
  • In any company, office equipment (keyboards, mice, laptops, tablets, etc.) must be regularly decontaminated.


Recognized and proven in the medical field and in the environment for more than a century, UVC sterilization has become an essential treatment in hospitality. The professional UV sterilizer UVC 120 Roller Grill disinfects cutlery, kitchen utensils, dishes, room keys, etc. without chemicals and without degradation, in accordance with current health standards. This UV disinfection device is also suitable for other professional applications, such as opticians, doctors' surgeries, hairdressing salons, office equipment, etc. Get your first professional UVC 120 Roller Grill UV sterilizer now!