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Whether a stylish countertop refrigerated display case or vertical display refrigerator, commercial display refrigerators are essential to keep your chilled food and beverages at the ideal temperature and temptingly merchandised.


Countertop refrigerated display cases are primarily designed for use at front-of-house, where they maximise impulse purchases. Thanks to their compact size, countertop display refrigerators are ideal for smaller establishments such as patisseries, delis, and restaurants. Small shops and takeaways can also benefit from a countertop display refrigerator to display their chilled products.


You can place a horizontal display showcase on top of a storage unit, saving space while ensuring that the products displayed are the first thing to catch the customer’s eye. For example, a countertop cake refrigerated display case or tapas case looks tempting in a cafe. In addition, a countertop wine cooler in a bar doesn’t take up much room while showcasing the wines for sale and offering easy access.

 countertop refrigerated display case

Tempting design options

Countertop display showcases are designed to tempt customers and enhance their pleasure in your products while storing them safely at the correct temperature. Features such as LED lighting, ultra-clear glass and handleless drawers provide a beautiful showcase for your most tempting creations. And with a comprehensive range to choose from, there’s a countertop refrigerated display case to suit every establishment.


Refrigerated display showcase CD 800

Roller Grill’s CD 800 horizontal countertop display is designed to showcase pastries, cakes, pies and desserts in a cafe, bakery or restaurant. Your desserts take centre stage on the crystal clear glass shelves while being maintained at the optimum temperature. Available in black, white or stainless steel, this refrigerated display showcase brings an elegant ambience to any setting.


This versatile and stylish model has four LED lights to illuminate your delectable creations. You can arrange your tarts, pastries, pies and fruit desserts on the stainless steel base with two gastronorm 1/1 trays and two fully adjustable glass shelves with dimensions of 645 x 490 mm.


A key feature of the CD 800 countertop display refrigerator is its highly efficient refrigeration system, ensuring a uniform temperature of +2 to + 10 ° C throughout the cabinet. Thanks to the evaporator in the upper part, even chilling is guaranteed, and air circulates slowly throughout the entire display refrigerator. An electronic thermostat makes it easy to set the temperature and, in addition, allows for an automatic defrosting every two hours. In addition, this horizontal positive cold display case features double-glazed walls for superb insulation. It is also tropicalised for excellent performance in warm external temperatures. 


If you require a larger capacity display refrigerator, the CD 1200 is available with two glass shelves adjustable on four levels and space for three GN 1/1 trays. And with both models, you have the option of micro-hole glazing for use at high mountain altitudes.

 Cake display CD800

Design features of a tapas display refrigerator

The TPR 60 tapas horizontal refrigerated display cabinet is an ideal option for a tapas bar or bistro, providing an attractive look for your front-of-house. It is designed to showcase a tempting array of chilled starters, fish, seafood, meats, vegetables, salads and condiments. Sturdily constructed in stainless steel and anodised aluminium, it has six removable 40 mm deep 1/3 GN trays. This countertop refrigerated display case provides plenty of space to display a wide range of tapas to tempt your customers. 


The clear acrylic rear doors slide while the sleekly curved front window lifts up for easy access, so retrieving items and cleaning the cabinet is effortless. The simple,.elegant design of this refrigerated counter display complements any style of decor. White LED lighting ensures that your products catch the eye while an electronic thermostat regulates a temperature of + 1 ° C / + 5 ° C on the GN containers, keeping food at the correct temperature.


What design features to look for in a refrigerated market display?

The VHF 1000 refrigerated market display is perfect for creating a beautiful display of food products for market traders, street food vendors, butchers and fishmongers. With a capacity of three 1/1GN trays and a shelf in the middle, this model offers a superb presentation surface for displaying cold meats, fish, cheeses, salads and desserts. 


The thermostat regulates the ventilated refrigerated display, ensuring even, ventilated cold throughout the display case and maintaining your food products at a temperature of + 2 / + 10 ° C. Defrost operation is to be made at the end of the day.


This modular horizontal display refrigerator consists of two removable parts, the rear block with a refrigerator unit and the display case, which you can easily attach to the block with two handles. In addition, the market display refrigerator can be mounted on a wheeled table, so you can quickly move it to wherever you need it.