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Salad’bar buffets

For buffets or self-service formulas, Roller Grill offers a wide range of wooden salad bars. Whether it is for cold starters or hot dishes, in a spacious room or more narrow, with a contemporary or modern decoration, there is inevitably a Roller Grill buffet for each request !

Discover our professional salad bars:

The Roller Grill hot or cold buffet unit is ideal for a cocktail party and self-service in a sales area or in a restaurant, in a pass-through or square model. This equipment is designed for both large restaurants and fast food outlets.


A range of salad bars adapted to the needs of catering professionals

Our salad bar buffets are appreciated by restaurant owners for their functionality and quality finish.




Why get a buffet cabinet?

Installing a hot and cold restaurant buffet in a reception area makes food preparation more attractive and keeps the food at the right temperature during the entire service.


For example, a self-service restaurant buffet is ideal for establishments with an all-you-can-eat menu. It facilitates service in large spaces and free access to all kinds of preparations: fish or meat, raw vegetables, fruit salads, pies, etc.


Communities, such as school canteens or company restaurants, serve numerous people in a very short time. They prefer refrigerated buffet models for restaurants to set up self-service with meal trays.


Hypermarkets generally opt for two types of equipment. A heated buffet bain-marie to keep individual products warm (roast chicken and its garnish, for example). And a cold salad bar buffet dedicated to self-service preparations: appetizers, limited-time offers, seasonal products, etc.


Catering buffet models are often used by food service businesses such as caterers. They highlight individual starters, condiments, and desserts within a well laid out sales area. 

 refrigerated buffet restaurants


Choose a salad bar buffet adapted to your installation

The range of Roller Grill buffets is available in three technologies:

  • The professional refrigerated buffets: these devices maintain the foodstuffs between +2/+10°C. They are ideal for prepared salmon, cold cuts, cheese or raw vegetables.
  • Professional heated buffets: Roller Grill machines can heat up to +20/+90°C and preserve sauces or prepared dishes.
  • Buffets for catering in mixed version. These units have a refrigerated part (+2/+10°C) and a space with a tank for keeping food warm (+20/+90°C). They have the same performance as the classic models.


Designed to fit into any space, the equipment is available in three formats:

  • Pass-through buffet with 4 or 6 GN trays for service from both sides. This is the ideal model for self-service restaurant buffets.
  • Square model with a refrigerated central island buffet with 4 containers. Completely open, it is usually placed in the centre of the room to allow access to fresh products from all four sides.
  • Wall-mounted version with mirror. The salad bar buffet can be leaned against a wall or a partition to present the dishes with a mirror effect.

For a space in perfect harmony with the style of the restaurant or point of sale, the furniture is offered in 4 wood colours: wenge, light oak, white wood and black.

 commercial refrigerated buffet

All the dining buffets in the range have the same common equipment:

  • LED lighting.
  • A glass sneeze guard.
  • A base for the storage of plates.
  • French made carpentry.
  • Wheels with brakes and dimensions that do not exceed the space of the door frames: 0.8 m wide for all the through and wall models; 1 m for the square island sideboards.

 refrigerated buffet salad bar


What are the criteria for choosing a refrigerated buffet?

A professional refrigerated buffet must include two essential technical elements:

  • Static cooling technology to ensure a temperature between +2/+10 °C in the tank and in the GN containers. At Roller Grill, the buffets are equipped with a double conduction cold, a Tecumseh France compressor and R290 gas. A pin and a counter plate are placed under the tank to guarantee an optimal cold in the GN containers.
  • A system of precise regulation and automatic defrosting by electronic thermostat. These devices reduce the need for handling, eliminate the constraints of manual defrosting, and offer perfectly controlled energy consumption of refrigerated buffets.

 refrigerated breakfast buffet


How to choose a buffet heater?

The professional buffet heater keeps all preparations warm: sauces, vegetables, cooked meats, fish fillets and portions, etc. This equipment must include specific technical elements:

  • An efficient heating system. The Roller Grill restaurant hot buffet units work like a bain-marie, with 2 heating elements located directly in the tank.
  • A temperature control thermostat integrated into the hot buffet.


Made 100% in France, the Roller Grill salad bar buffets are high-end kitchen equipment for professionals who want to showcase their culinary preparations. They offer their customers self-service access to all or part of their products.