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Refrigerated horizontal showcases

The horizontal refrigerated display case is the ultimate equipment for the presentation of desserts, salads, cheese, drinks etc. at the right temperature. Each model has its own specific layout!

Discover our horizontal refrigerated display cabinets:


Horizontal refrigerated display cabinets: a beautiful display of your products at the right temperature

A refrigerated display case in a food sales area keeps foodstuffs at the right temperature and showcases your products.  In a restaurant kitchen, it will keep your food at the right temperature at all times while you wait for the right moment.


Choosing a model of refrigerated display cabinet involves taking into account your needs as well as the technical specifications of the machine. Indeed, there are cabinets with different formats, sizes and cooling technologies. To better understand the specificities of this advanced refrigeration equipment, and to know which model corresponds to your needs, discover our range of horizontal refrigerated display cabinets.


How does a horizontal refrigerated display case work?

Extremely simple to use, our machines are to be used exclusively for keeping food fresh.




Product presentation at the right temperature, but not storage!

A professional refrigerated display case presents and enhances desserts, drinks and culinary preparations. It keeps food products at the right temperature and respects the cold chain. However, it is not suitable for storing or preserving food: at the end of the service, the display case must be turned off and unsold food must be stored in a cold room.


Roller Grill display cases: easy to install and use

The installation of our equipment is easy and without any adjustment: a simple electrical connection is enough. Once plugged in and switched on, the display case will come down to the right temperature depending on the surrounding climatic conditions.


To ensure maximum ease of operation, the electronic thermostat is factory-set and pre-set to 4°C and the defrosting phase is programmed every 2 hours.

 small individual pastries to store ideally in refrigerated display case

Each model of horizontal refrigerated display case is equipped with a refrigeration unit powered by the refrigerant gas R290, which passes through different states and pressures within the machine's refrigeration circuit. This gas is dedicated to professional refrigeration and complies with current environmental regulations. As a refrigerant, it has little impact on global warming: it is highly efficient and energy-saving.


The refrigeration circuits of our products are equipped with Tecumseh France compressor technology, a guarantee of quality and longevity. The result? A perfectly homogenous cold in the display case to enhance the value of food and home-made dishes. 


Which horizontal refrigerated display case to choose?

Choosing the type of refrigeration according to the foodstuffs

Choosing the right positive cold

The recommended positive temperature differs according to the food to be displayed:


Positive cold at +2°C/+10°C allows fruit, desserts, drinks, and cocktails to be kept at the right temperature, as in a self-service display case for example.

In the case of the presentation and refrigeration of chocolate, positive cold is preferred at a constant temperature of 14-17°C with a humidity of 50%. These conditions are essential for the good preservation of chocolate in all its forms: small single chocolates, pralines, chocolate desserts, chocolate tarts, etc.


In our range of professional horizontal display cases, all models are double-glazed on all 5 sides.

 refrigerated display horizontal positive patisserie

Ventilated or static cold?

Ventilated cold is more advantageous for deserts or drinks, for example, because it is dry cold that limits the spread of bacteria. Ventilation ensures a better distribution of the cold in an optimized flow, which saves energy. The horizontal cabinets CD 800 / CD 1200 and VHF 1000 are equipped with this technology.


Static cooling is very popular with tapas restaurants or take-away concepts, where the sandwich is prepared in front of the customer. For this purpose, choose the TPR 60 tapas display case!


The right horizontal refrigerated display case for every shop!

We have designed a complete range of professional refrigerated display cabinets that cover the specific needs of each type of professional catering activity.


The CD 800 / CD 1200 models, usually considered as bakery refrigerated display cases, are appreciated by several branches of the professional kitchen:


  • They enhance the menus of cafeterias and take-away concepts
  • They show the daily offers of catering businesses and caterers
  • They are used in bakeries and pastry shops for the presentation of cakes, the classic refrigerated display case for pastry shops
  • They are available in a special chocolate version (CDC 800/ CDC 1200) for confectioners and chocolate makers

These professional display cases are also available in a heated version (models HD 800 and HD 1200), to create a harmonious display in your sales area.

 refrigerated display horizontal bakery cakes

Our tapas cabinets, models TPR 60 and TPR 80, are static cold cabinets specially designed for tapas and take-away sandwich concepts. They are available in two models: 6 or 8 trays, where the temperature remains constantly at +1/+5°C to keep vegetables, condiments, cheese, or cold cuts cold.


Our modular display cases, such as the VHF 1000, are designed for food markets or Christmas markets. Often used as a refrigerated cheese display case, this model is very modular and has 3 advantages:


  • To obtain a constant cold pulse at +2°C/+10°C, ideal for cheese, cheese preparations, fresh products or catering dishes.
  • Convert this refrigerated counter into a VHC 1000 heated display case by removing the rear refrigeration unit and replacing it with a heating unit sold separately.
  • Offer a customized arrangement of your food products by placing a VHC 1000 heated display case and a VHF 1000 refrigerated display case next to each other.


How do I clean my horizontal refrigerated display case?

Designed for professionals, our equipment is very easy to clean and maintain:


  • Metal surfaces (painted or stainless steel) can be cleaned with a damp non-abrasive sponge.
  • Glass walls and doors can be cleaned with a special glass cleaner.
  • The sliding doors of the CD and TPR models are completely removable.
  • The front windows of the VHF and TPR showcases can be lifted for easy access and maintenance.

Whatever your model, we strongly advise you to dust the refrigeration unit at least once a month.

 puffs cream pastry strawberry

Choosing a refrigerated display case means aesthetically presenting your products while keeping them at the right temperature. With their studied and customisable design, our horizontal display cabinets allow a professional presentation and layout: you just have to arrange the products on the shelves and play with the colours and the layout of the display surface for more aesthetic appeal. Choosing a model from our range ensures that you are purchasing top-of-the-range professional refrigerated equipment made in France.